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Danny Dingle's Fantastic Finds
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Danny Dingle's Fantastic Finds

Subtitle The Metal-Mobile
By Angie Lake
ISBN 9781782262084
Autumn 2015


Meet Danny Dingle – super-secret spy and future assistant to the greatest superhero EVER, Metal Face! Follow the outrageously entertaining adventures of this schoolboy inventor and his best friend Percy as they collect fantastic finds and pull out all the stops to beat the evil genius Gareth Trumpshaw.

Author's Biography

Angie Lake is a freelance writer with a background in the Spanish music industry. She has worked on a variety of projects, including writing for press publication, translation, and authoring works of fiction. Born in the UK and raised on the Costa Blanca, Angie travelled extensively before settling in Barcelona.


"My nephew has only read a few pages, but so far he was laughing his head off. Hopefully there will be more in the series!!" 
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Price £6.99

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Reader Comments

I loved the book and the illustrations. It makes reading fun for the children in my class who are learning English as a second language. We hope to hear more from Danny Dingle and soon!
Hilarious, very original and beautifully illustrated.
Good luck
Wacky story with great graphics and lol moments! Love it!
What an inventive book! I love the combination of illustrations and text, really reaching out to children!
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