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By Wen Dee Tan
Published by Fat Fox Books
ISBN 9780992872847
Autumn 2015


Lili finds it hard to make friends with her fiery red hair, but one day, Lili finds the village children lost in the deep dark woods and her bravery (and hair) leads them all home safely. Lili is a beautiful story of overcoming rejection and being accepted for who you are - something that will resonate with children and adults everywhere.

Author's Biography

After spending 10 years in the corporate IT world, Wen Dee finally decided enough was enough. She quit her job and went back to her first love: drawing. She recently graduated from the MA Children’s Book Illustration course in Cambridge School of Arts (UK) and Lili, her first book, was one of her projects on the course. It won third place in the Macmillan Prize 2013.


Review in Prima Baby February 26th 2015 
Book review in Primary Times end of February 
Book review in Creative Steps Magazine March 
Review on

Price £10.99

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Reader Comments

love the book!
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