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St Andrews - In The Footsteps of Old Tom Morris

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St Andrews - In The Footsteps of Old Tom Morris

By Roger McStravick
Published by St Andrews Press
ISBN 978 0 957 1643 6 9
Autumn 2015


The golf history of St Andrews, set to the backdrop of the life of Old Tom Morris.

Author's Biography

Roger McStravick is a golf history writer, who has written for The British Golf Collectors’ Society, St Andrews Links Trust, Peter Alliss and is called upon as a golf history advisor for media and publications worldwide. He lives in St Andrews and is a collector of rare St Andrews books.


“A natural successor to Colossus” – Peter E. Crabtree, co-author of Tom Morris of St Andrews, The Colossus of Golf, 1821-1908. 

“A triumph! A world class contribution to the heritage of golf.” – Mr David Hamilton, author of Golf, Scotland’s Game 

“A masterpiece of research and presentation” – Dr Eve Soulsby, author of The Golfing Kyles. 

“In over 160 years of golf books being written about St Andrews, this is the most beautiful and informative. An instant classic and thoroughly recommended” – Chris Jones, Editor, Golf World 

“The best of many fine efforts to document the life and times of Tom Morris. A fitting tribute to a great man and town.” - Geoff Shackelford, Contributing Editor Golf Digest 

Lewine Mair (Daily Telegraph/Global Golf Post) called it “stunning”.

Price £60

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Reader Comments

A great achievement for Author Roger McStravick. His commitment to this aspect of golf history in St Andrews is evident in this fine book.
The History of old Scottish Golf is lost in the mists of time, however the modern Royal & Ancient Game of Golf has its roots clearly and openly recorded for those brave enough to search it out - Roger McStravick is one who has taken that extra step to enhance not just our knowledge but our full enjoyment of the game. In doing so he has proved the real quality of past legends and united a golfing dynasty that was in part only known to the odd member of the Morris Family. One day I hope to see a statue of Old Tom looking over The Old Course with the base plinth having the names of all The Open Winners - perhaps Rogers next project?
Irrisistsble even to the non golfer.
Lavishly illustrated and deeply researched book about the town of St. Andrews, including excellent information about the town and its important inhabitants. Fills what was a void, by delivering a serious, yet easily read historical account of the city and the people important to it. A must for any visitor or would-be-visitor to the Old Grey Toon.
Excellent and very much needed history of St Andrews and all it means to the game of golf. Superbly presented and researched.
A truly great read. This book needed to be written and there is nobody more qualified than Roger McStravick. This work which represents a very considerable research is a must read for golf connoisseurs around the world
Love Golf loved the book.
Outstanding piece of work. Deserves every vote - and some.
A real golfing classic. Do not miss this book!
A really well crafted book. Beautiful to look at and an interesting read.
In 35 years of selling print i have never seen a book better presented from the indepth research into the history of Old Tom Morris, the quality reproduction of the old sepier pictures and the visual impact of the finished book is phenomenal a true testimony to Roger and Chics hard work, love of golf and St.Andrews
Great work by a knowledgeable and passionate author.
Roger has worked painstakingly for years researching this remarkable book which adds a new dimension to the history of golf in St Andrews
Fantastic! Very interesting !
A beautifully written and well constructed book
A must have read and book for everyone who loves golf and St Andrews. It has opened my eyes to an incredible story of St Andrews and a man I knew very little about. This book is going to be a classic for all time.
Bringing St Andrews and Tom Morris to the masses is to be applauded.
This book captures the spirit and history of St Andrews like no other book I have read. It also captures the characters of Tom Morris - old and young - and so many more and brings them 'alive'. It is a masterly book.
Living in St Andrews, this book is something very special and makes you feel proud to bi in such an historic place
Educational, ideal christmas gift
A fantastic read. Full of very informative history and outstanding pictures. A must read for any lover of golf.
A monumental piece of work celebrating the life of golf's founding father Old Tom Morris.
Any book about Tkm Morris and St. Andrews is great!
An outstanding compilation of the history of St. Andrews and Old Tom Morris. The reader can certainly imagine what it would have been like to have been there during these times. Don Ralph, Captain, The Society of Boston & Edinburgh Golfers
Beautifully illustrated and presented
Brilliant, a golf winner is long overdue
The definitive book on St Andrews at the time of Tom Morris. A wonderful achievement.
wonderful book
An outstanding example of diligent research and excellent writing. Of interest to everyone but especially golfers.
The first genuinely new book on the subject for a generation. Meticulous research, great writing, fantastic presentation and beautifully produced.
Well written by an expert on the St Andrews life.
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