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Sustainable Medicine
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Sustainable Medicine

Subtitle Whistleblowing on 21st century medical practice
By Dr Sarah Myhill
ISBN 9781781610329
Autumn 2015


Based on the understanding that symptom-suppressing medication and crisis interventions are not a sustainable model of healthcare, Dr Myhill empowers readers to heal themselves through addressing the underlying causes of disease. She explains underlying mechanisms and provides tools, tests and evidence-based approaches to keep her readers healthy.

Author's Biography

Dr Myhill qualified as a medical doctor from the Middlesex Hospital Medical School in 1981 and went straight into NHS General Practice. Since 2000 she has worked privately as a GP, specialising in chronic fatigue and collaborating in research that looks at mitochondria as fundamental to our energy levels.



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Reader Comments

Groundbreaking - a winner !
Absolutely brilliant book!
An original thinking, a helpful book.
What an interesting read.
Highly intelligent, empathetic and informed, Dr Sarah Myhill is driven by the desire to care for her patients. Her logical and simple advice – mainly nutritional – works!
I am taking the supplements recommended and am already seeing some progress in my fight against cfs. I highly recommend this book!
Lucidly written and thought-provoking. People need to know this information.
Dr Myhill's knowledge and experience in this field are unrivalled. A book everyone should read.
Common sense at last which gives people tools to manage their own health. The National Sickness Service certainly won't!
Dr Myhill is a brave, compassionate, and amazingly generous practitioner. Following her protocol has given me the only improvement in my health I have experienced. After 30 years of seeking help from the NHS with my health issue I was getting progressively worse, both physically and mentally. After 1 test, and a thorough history, Dr Myhill was able to diagnose my condition and set me on the correct path towards healing for the first time.I consider myself very fortunate to have found her.
Dr Myhill has revolutionised my health and my life. I have so much to thank her for. Everyone should read this book.
This wonderful book makes understandable the causes of, and path to health from, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and ME.
Dr Myhill is excellent and a breath of fresh air in a profession which I think has lost its raison d'etre.
Dr Myhill is brave and brilliant. Thank goodness someone is thinking outside of the BigPharma box otherwise I'd still be refusing Prozac prescriptions and or graded exercise therapy instead of taking care of my mitochondria. I cannot thank this wonderful woman enough!
Many thanks to Dr Sarah Myhill, who's dedicated her time and attention to bringing hope to many. I can't thank you enough.
breath of fresh air...yet she's been saying these things for a long time now......this needs to win...will reach a wider audience.....a life changer of a read
Brilliant book! I am so grateful to Dr Myhill for her dedication and research,she is one of a kind.The depth of her knowledge is truly astounding.
Every home should have a copy of this excellent book.
Dr Myhill is an absolute genius , I owe my life to Dr Myhill.
Every home should have a copy of this book.Dr. Myhill deserves a medal. I salute her,and thank her.
Visionary doctor, fantastic book.
great book great author
Dr Myhills's book has changed my life/health for the better.
At last someone brave enough to tell it like it is.
At last someone has the courage to view present medical practices with commonsense and to use their practical experience and knowledge to do something about it, for the sake of us the patients. Many thanks.
I have never met Dr Myhill, but she has helped me keep my good health into my mid fifties without resorting to pills. I am so glad I discovered her and I am looking forward to a fit and healthy old age thanks to her. I recommend her work to everyone I meet!
Amazing. Life changing. Thank you Dr.Myill for your dedication.
Dr Myhill is simply brilliant. This book should be a text book in all medical education.
Drug company domination of the medical profession runs the risk of putting profits before patients, and imposing medication on healthy people who may become ill through developing unwanted side-effects. Dr Myhill is a breath of fresh air.
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