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Finding The Rainbow
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Finding The Rainbow

By Rachel McGrath
ISBN 9781784650445
Autumn 2015


Finding the Rainbow is a fascinating and honest insight into a world that most would find difficult to understand, and many would be quietly thankful not to need to. McGrath tells the story of her battle to conceive and carry a baby, with unrestricted honesty.

Author's Biography

Rachel McGrath grew up in Brisbane, Australia, where she studied business, before moving to the United Kingdom in her early thirties. She currently lives just north of London, where she met and married her husband, and has a professional career in human resources.


Price £6.99

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Reader Comments

Beautiful book
I wish you win Rachel.
Beautifully written book & completely empathised & sympathised with the author. All the very best to you.
Bam! This book hits you straight in the heart and stays there! You go girl!
I have wanted to vote on this book for a while, but wow this was a challenging registration process :) definitely difficult on smart phones! I must have given up several times (so hope you don't lose too many votes that way) lol Anyway congrats and I got there in the end and really hope you win! Its a great achievement to be nominated
Best of luck!
Inspiring read
I truly hope that this author is recognised for her bravery. Amazing read thank you xxx
Beautifully written book!
Expertly written book!
Well done on your nomination I hope you are successful
Big hugs and lots of hope that you get your happy rainbow ending.
Thank you for sharing your story with a broad audience Congrats!!!
I hope that you find your rainbow, well done on making your plight known
Lots of love
Great story
Great story, easy read, short chapters and honest
Without a doubt this is a tear jerker
Enjoyed every moment of this hopeful story
An incredibly emotional book truly written from the heart, congratulations
The author is very brave - thank you for sharing your story
Congratulations I hope you win!!
Stunning honest heartfelt
Enjoyed every page
Must read, very honest, thank you
I loved the story of hope
Great book!
Such a hopeful book written by the woman who experienced every moment of the story. This will help other woman who have gone through the same sadness but with great hope.
Get out your tissues and connect with every women who has ever struggled to have children through this amazing read! Could not put it down and did not want it to end! Lots of rainbow wishes for this brave lady!!
Just stunning. Honest, heartbreaking, frustrating and real. This is everything a good memoir should be.
What an inspirational woman. To put this down on paper for anyone to read is so brave. This is definitely a novel every woman and family should read. Thank you for sharing your story and bearing your heart!
Good luck. Cindy M.
I laughed, cried, got frustrated, felt every moment of this woman's journey. The true essence of a good memoir is when it pulls you in, as though you were there with her along this painful road. What was more heartening was that she bares everything and is quite upfront that there is no happy ending (yet) for her, but that she carries hope that one day! Truly deserves to be recognised and even more so deserves to go through to finals. Thank you Rachel
By opening up her emotions and inner most thoughts to the world Rachel has a way of making you think about conceiving and infertility in a very balanced way. Rachel’s journey so far is clearly full of raw emotion and illogical thoughts but her perspective is one which very much makes others in that position feel that it is ok to feel the way they do. Miscarriages and fertility issues are very much a taboo subject in British society and Rachel’s refreshing openness is a step in to making it more acceptable. Rachel has a way of making you think about stages in your life if you have experienced infertility or not….I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who maybe not experiencing conceiving the way they thought it would ….or quite honestly any woman in her late 20s or early 30s who thinks they have all the time in the world!
A great read and very impressive for a first time author.
Quite simply the most heartfelt story I have ever read. Stunning
A very touching story with a sense of realness. Different from the sometimes too emotional view point . Told with honesty. Good quick read which left me feeling lucky.
Such an inspirational read. For such a heartbreaking subject, you have captured the essence of hope throughout this book!
Brilliant - an amazing true story
Fantastic - I hope this wins
An honest and eloquent emotional journey that will ring true for a multitude of women!
A book selflessly written to share the difficult journey to having a family with infertility problems and the heartbreak on the way. To share this to the benefit of others going through the same experience is invaluable and provdes support that they are not alone. A well written heartfelt book.
A memoir written like a story, you quickly become enveloped in the main character and her desire to be a mother. Written with such poise and elegance!
Very moving and honest
Wonderfully and surprising open.
Spoken from the heart, the author bares everything and gives so much more by writing her story. I was truly inspired to hear how she dealt with such adversity and through it all she kept good humour and faith!
A compassionate, but level headed story, which even aspires readers who cannot relate to the infertility issue.A genuine good read about deeply routed wishes, disappointment, pick me ups, i.e. get on with life even if you are very disheartened. Be strong and consider your options.
Inspiring, motivating and honest. This story is like no other story about loss and grief. I take my hat off to this author who has put her heart on every page!
A heartfelt, personal journey written with compassion by a brave author.
A great read which has helped me understand more about a topic i havent been personally impacted by but so so many friends and family have. It has started to break the taboo.
Amazing book, heartwarming, honest, a tear jerker with lots of laughs too! I hope you win!
Great book. Funny, emotional and insightful. Thanks for sharing your story.
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