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The Krays: Behind Bars
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The Krays: Behind Bars

By Steve Wraith
Published by Percy Publishing
ISBN 9780993291623
Autumn 2015


Indifferent to what school had to offer, I was heading for academic suicide when I came across the Profession of Violence by John Pearson. It was in this book that I first discovered the infamous Krays, and to my amazement I was allowed to read it as part of my English GCSE. 

Fascinated by what I had read, something compelled me to go ahead and write to them. I did not expect a reply, but in due course a letter arrived signed by Reggie himself. This was the beginning of an enduring friendship and over the years I also got to know his twin brother Ronnie and the rest of ‘the Family’. 

From initial curiosity and fascination bloomed a true partnership. I was accepted into their inner circle, and I visited them in prison, eventually gaining enough trust to run their affairs on the outside. Having the honour of attending Ronnie’s funeral and being Charlie Kray’s minder was a day I will never forget. 

This is the story of my long-standing friendship with some of the most notorious criminal characters of modern London. Many people will have read about the Krays: very few have been enticed into becoming an intimate part of their extraordinary real-life world.

Author's Biography

An actor and writer from North East England.


An Interesting insight into how a young man’s friendship with the Krays began with a letter. Freddie Foreman : Managing Director of British crime. 

Steve Wraith is a lad with a ‘heart of gold’ who I have met on many occasion. This book is an interesting tale on how a young man became good friends with the most notorious criminals of our time and became part of their family. 
:Dave Courtney (OBE) 

I grew up with my father who was part of the Kray Family and this book is a great insight into the complex minds and dealings of the Krays while they were in jail: 
Joey Pyle Jnr 

Price £8.99

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Reader Comments

A great read and a fascinating insight into the criminal underworld.
Great book, great read. Steve and Stu at their finest.
Xlent read
A fascinating read
Cracking read
Well done STUART and Steve. Mention me in your winning speech x
Loved it.
Well done to all involved, great read.
Thoroughly enjoyed it. well done..
Great book by great guys
Great job well done chaps
Got a signed copy, I'm happy.
Love everything about the krays.
I thought I had read everything about the Krays! but obviously not.
Really enjoyed it.
Brilliant insight, well done
Brilliant loved it
great read
A fascinating and insightful read by a knowledgeable person. Well written, informative and grips from start to finish. A deserved winner of any award.
Great read
A true and accurate account of the Krays very well written by Steve Wraith
Great authors and Great Book must buy!!!!
great read! Well done
Interesting and well written book by Steve, most definitely a worthy winner.
Good one
Superb. Dark and enlightening.
well done steve . Dan
I've known Steve for many years in fact we both got to know the 'Krays' and associates at around the same time, I also know that when Steve conveys his thoughts to paper and pen he does it with a passion for the real story with warts and all. What Steve hasn't learned by his own experiences or through people he has met that were there 'back in the day' he meticulously researches the facts and events so when one combines these elements it can only lead to one thing, a very good book to read!
One of those books that you can't put down. Intriguing from beginning to end.
Loved the DVD great research.
A fascinating book with genuine insight.
Fingers xx'd!!
Just loved the subject, a winner
Very insightful read. Definitely a worthy winner.
Fantastic read Weldone Steve
Steve Wraith is one of the very few people that the Krays trusted sufficiently to invite him into their inner circle and handle their affairs during their time in prison. This trust is reflected in the high regard in which Steve is held by both the remaining members of the Kray family, and their close friends and associates. His book gives a valuable insight into the minds of one of the World's most notorious families and his opinion is one to be respected.
Fantastic book, written by a genuine bloke and very emotional perspective regarding his relationship with Reg! Deserves to win and everything that follows 100% All the best...Vardin
A fantastic read and very interesting. This book is different from the normal run of the mill Kray books that usually get released , and it is without doubt the best book I've read this year.
Deserved winner.
A fantastic read and brilliant insight into the underworld of the Krays!
Fantastic, interesting insight into the Krays
Great book a deserved winner !
Great,well written publication.
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