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Dragon Child
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Dragon Child

By Gary Maile
ISBN 9781784650216
Category FICTION
Autumn 2015


As Calliyah took her first breath, her mother took her last, dying in childbirth. The tragedy was compounded by Calliyah having one leg misshapen and twisted, becoming branded by the villagers as a pariah – a 'Dark One' – who should be taken into the forest and left to die.

Author's Biography

Gary would like nothing more than to live in a world of ancient walled cities and dragons. As that wasn't likely to happen during his lifetime, Gary decided to create his own world that, unsurprisingly, is full of ancient walled cities and dragons.


Price £9.99

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Reader Comments

Gary is an amazing author. ... from the first paragraph he had you hooked! Deffinately one of my new favorite authors!
The best book I have ever read. It's a must read.
Enjoyed reading it immensely.
Loved it!
Best fiction book I have read for a long time
This book is amazing already and I have only just started it yesterday 😀
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