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By Nicholas Hogg
Published by Cargo Publishing
ISBN 9781908885739
Category FICTION
Autumn 2015


Social psychologist Ben Monroe has returned to Tokyo after a failed marriage, determined to seek out his former lover Kozue. His estranged teenage daughter Mazzy reluctantly flies from California to join him. On the flight she meets a young Japanese man, Koji, a cult survivor. As Ben delves deeper into the underworld in search of Kozue, Mazzy and Koji are compelled to follow, and their four lives dangerously intersect as past and present collide.

Author's Biography

Nicholas Hogg was born in Leicester. After graduating from university with a psychology degree he traveled widely, living in the USA, New Zealand, and Japan. When he first moved to Tokyo he worked as an English teacher and an actor. He then became press officer for a Japanese NGO ship and sailed around the world three times, reporting on global development issues. Tokyo is his third novel.


“Hogg writes with a stripped-down but mesmeric quality, his prose claustrophobic and intense, much like the city of Tokyo itself." - The Big Issue 

“Exciting and original… If only all ‘foreigner in Japan’ novels were this good.” – The Japan Times 

“Hogg balances an engaging and pacy plot with entrancing writing in this expertly told dark fable of modern Japan.” – Anna James, The Bookseller

Price £8.99

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