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The Bastion Prosecutor

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The Bastion Prosecutor

By A J Marshall
Published by MPress Books Ltd.
ISBN 978-0-9551886-7-1
Category Thriller/Sci-Fi
September 2009


The Bastion Prosecutor is a futuristic novel about man’s legacy on planet Earth. It is about where our ancestors may have come from as much as where faith dictates we did. It is a glimpse into a future.  It is about the antagonism between learning and belief; science and religion; a dilemma that has risen and waned since the earliest civilisations. It is about conviction, not just in accepted ideals but also the unacceptable.

Author's Biography

This is his 4th book and AJ Marshall is currently engaged in writing the 5th and final book in his acclaimed Kalahari Series. He is regarded as the best new sci-fi writer to emerge in the UK for a number of years. Rogue Command is planned for release early 2010.


Price £6.99 Paperback

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Reader Comments

As a science fiction fan - its a great read - can't want to find out what happens in the last of the series!
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