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 The Election A-Z
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The Election A-Z

Subtitle Insights, Intrigue and Spin from 50 Years of Political Reporting
By Nicholas Jones
Published by Urbane Publications
ISBN 9781910692271
Autumn 2015


Nicholas Jones presents a personal A-Z of election highlights and insights from fifty years of political reporting. Covering everything from battle buses to Farage, Thatcher to Blair, calamities to the coalition, this is the ultimate guide to UK elections.

Author's Biography

Nicholas Jones is an author and political commentator. He was a BBC industrial and political correspondent for thirty years and has written extensively on the relationship between politicians and the news media.


"Jones provides a breathtaking account of one of the most exciting periods in British political history"

Price £12.99

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Reader Comments

Enabling clarity and understanding in an informative and easily read way .The Author knows his subject inside out and has the style to pass on that information in a far from dry way
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