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The Diamond Connection
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The Diamond Connection

Subtitle A Jemima Fox Mystery
By Josie Goodbody
Published by Heddon Publishing
ISBN 978-0-9932101-0-5
Category FICTION
Autumn 2015


The most expensive diamond necklace in the world is stolen during a charity gala in London. Jemima Fox-Pearl, Head of PR at fine jewellery house Vogel, travels the world in a bid to solve the crime, while unravelling a century-old mystery of the Cullinan Diamond's fabled missing part.

Author's Biography

Josie Goodbody grew up in Dorset, studied French Literature and Language at Exeter University and after a year in the Paris fashion industry moved to London where she worked for over a decade in Public Relations for international luxury brands including Graff Diamonds. 


Price £8.99

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Reader Comments

A first class read!
Excellent great work :) xxx
This book annoyed me! Being a writer I have little time to read, but after reading the prologue I was hooked, and started reading further. I will have to find time to read this book, as Josie Goodbody cleverly leads you into conflict, and from there on in you have to continue. I will have to suffer this torture until such time... Phil Phoenix - author of The JET! Trilogy
Go Josie!
Great read for all those crime fighting fans
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