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The Serpent of Eridor
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The Serpent of Eridor

By Alison Gardiner
ISBN 9781784620783
Category Fantasy
Summer 2015


Attacked by an assassin, and positive that the next attempt will be fatal, 14-year-old Alex Weston seizes the slim chance of survival, choosing to abandon ship in a tropical typhoon. Subsequently shipwrecked onto the island of Eridor with his hamster Skoodle, Alex unwittingly crosses the barrier into a world of enchantment.  

Author's Biography

Alison Gardiner is a doctor, broadcaster and author with four children, so feels she’s a full time juggler. She enjoys writing fantasy fiction for children and young adults, and enjoys every second of alone time to pursue her creative interests.  


Price £9.99

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Reader Comments

A magical and witty and exciting book.Written by a brilliant author.
Really enjoyed it. Light hearted and full of excitement.
A captivating read by an intelligent and witty author!
This is my daughter's favourite book, she was completely transported and engrossed.
Awesome read, engrossing and fun as well as magical.. So nice to see this category written well with an injection of dry wit.
Fantastic book
activates the imagination.very stimulating and enjoyable
That's many of my presents sorted for this year! A good romp. Great read
A thoroughly good read
Fabulous book. Felt as though I was part of the script. Fantastic.
Great characters, vivid scenes and a thrilling joyride throughout. The is a book to read to your children - they will be spellbound and you will be entertained by the subtle humour
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