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A Fickle Wind
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A Fickle Wind

By Elizabeth Bourne
Published by Delancey Press
ISBN 978-1-907205-29-3
Category Romance
Summer 2015


A rags to riches story chronicled initially through the eyes of a child born into war torn Britain who refused to accept that the lackluster life she knew would be all she could possibly expect. 

The escape route was via Canada, where the impossible seemed possible and her hopes were nourished and thrived. A page turning journey with strong characters strewn with joy, sorrow, laughter and tears; a compelling first novel. 

Inspirational: when you don’t know where to turn and difficult challenges are blown in by a fickle wind, hold on for dear life and you will weather the storm. You will awaken one morning to an azure, cloudless sky, and a zephyr will gently stir the leaves and open your heart to a new beginning. 

Author's Biography

Elizabeth Bourne enjoys travelling and family life with her two daughters and grandchildren. She lives in California and Canada. With uninterrupted time now on her hands Elizabeth decided to fulfill her long-time ambition to be a writer. This is her debut novel. 


£ 7.99 

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Reader Comments

i find it rather hard to put down this book.
A great book. Enabled reader to move through her life and experience her growth and how challenges were handled. One wants to know what happened next after reading this book.
I am watching for a sequel to A Fickle Wind, as it was a very engaging and entertaining read.
A unique story of a courageous woman committed to success, no matter which way the fickle wind blows.
Wonderfully written! Bravo.
A most enjoyable book. Everything comes to life.
An insiteful story of coping with real life and overcoming obstacles; an uplifting read.
Engaging memoir of one woman's story written form the edge of history.
Really enjoyed this read. Hoping for many more. I gleaned a lot of comfort and amusement from the characters. J
This wonderful book touched my heart and soul. In a very entertaining way, A Fickle Wind reminded me that we really can change our lives if we're motivated and resourceful. For me, this was an unforgettable novel filled with valuable human insights.
Interesting read with believable, down to earth characters and some great humor thrown in to boot!
Wonderful book!
A page turning book with a seemingly true story of a strong woman, determined to have the life she wants. Inspiring, engaging story. Loved it.
Loved this rags to riches story!
A well-crafted, page-turning book. One review I read stated that the author had left her soul on the pages. An excellent observation which I think I shall borrow to add to my comments. A most enjoyable read with many different life experiences captured in one woman's life. I recommend this book.
A gifted storyteller who gives her characters depth and brings them to life.
A powerful story of a woman whose determination forges a brilliant future for herself and her family.
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