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White Mountain
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White Mountain

Subtitle The Darkling Chronicles
By Sophie E Tallis
Published by Kristell Ink
ISBN 9781909845978
Summer 2015


An epic new fantasy. 
Amongst our modern world lies another, an archaic hidden world of tradition, sorcery and magic. As dark demons awaken from our past, the last remaining wizards are being hunted and murdered by a changeling of terrifying strength. Darkness spreads as friendships, betrayals and horrifying truths await.

Author's Biography

Sophie E Tallis is an author and illustrator and a member of the Society of Authors. She has a BA (Hons) Degree in Fine Art and a Post-Grad in Education, was a teacher for 16 years and now works as a librarian. Sophie lives in Gloucestershire with her family.


Price £9.99

"The first in the Darkling Chronicles, White Mountain delves deeply into the characters while leaving the reader in breathless anticipation of the subsequent volumes." - Michelle Mollohan for Readers' Favorite. 

“While the story is illustrated with Sophie's intricate drawings, the prose is also clearly the work of someone with an artist's eye…” – Debbie Young for Readathon UK. 

“There was a definite air of Tolkien and Donaldson to both the characters and locales... White Mountain is a well-written and engaging read.” – Fantasy Book Review. 

“I have no hesitation but to give this 5 stars+, this is a story I will read over and over again. I highly recommend it.” – Carol Powney, Goodreads Review. 

“This is probably the best fantasy tale I’ve read in a long time. It truly exceeded my expectations, and trust me, my expectations are high…” – Tricia Drammeh, Amazon Review.

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Reader Comments

Gosh, nearly forgot to do this! Wonderful, wonderful book. Both my kids adore this and I fell in love with it too. Gralen is a blast, but it's Wendya I love the most. Magical!
Good luck
Brilliant book, really hope this wins!
A great read and a worthy winner, one of the best fantasy books I've read in ages.
Awesome book
A magical book, better than most fantasy novels I've read. Highly recommended!
Wonderful novel, best of luck!
Bought this on a whim because of the cover and absolutely love it! Have read it three times now, how is this not a top ten bestseller? Excellent writing, great story, can't wait for the next one!
Great fantasy debut! This really deserves to win, good luck!
Wonderful book, love it!
This has got to win! Epically great!
Great book, Sophie, very best of luck!
This has GOT to win!
Good luck!
Bought this book for my daughter and ended up reading it as well. Thoroughly enjoyable, a great read. Good luck.
I adore Gralen the dragon! Love, love, LOVE this book!
Everything you want a fantasy novel to be - action, worldbuilding, epic imagery, great characters.
Awesome book, good luck!
Delightful book in every respect, sweeping narrative, beautiful illustrations and wonderful characters. A modern classic!
Fantastic book. Can't wait for the next.
A fabulous book - magical, beautifully written, loved it! White Mountain should win!
A stunning book with beautiful illustrations and the sort of attention to detail that you don't expect in modern fantasy stories. I cried, laughed and found myself on the edge of my seat, and felt bereft when I finished it. LOVE it!
The first fantasy book that I've actually finished! A great book that will keep you hooked all the way through. I became so attached to the characters that half way through the book I had to read the last page just to check they were OK!! Storyline is full of magic, dragons and mystery. Would recommend to anyone.
Wonderful book, hope it wins!
Epic storytelling, a classic in the making! Highly recommended!
Really hope this wins. A brilliant book from start to finish, can't wait for the next one!
One of the best fantasy novels I've read, this should win.
A wonderful book, beautifully written and cinematic in scope - this would make an amazing film! Good luck!
A wonderful and magical, good v evil quest in a beautifully described world within our world. Read twice now, and likened to Tolkien; I have no hesitation in voting for this story.
This book is written with conviction and passion that sets the story alight and truly makes it epic Fantasy. The beautiful drawings don't hurt, either...
I want this book to win, definitely the best fantasy I've read in a long time.
Not just a children's book but a fantasy to delight all ages.
An amazing book with beautiful descriptions and illustrations. Hope it wins!
Brilliant book, had me gripped to the end.
A beautiful book, good luck!
Simply phenomenal!
An enthralling story with amazing illustrations!
This a stunning fantasy epic, can't wait for the next book!
I bought this book for my son who loves dragons and ended up completely enthralled by it. What a beautiful book! This deserves to win!
I bought this from an independent bookshop to try something new and was bowled over by it. Rich narrative and fantastic storytelling, a new kind of Tolkien. I love this book!
A stunning fantasy book, with intricate descriptions that leap off the page and characters to root for. A hugely enjoyable read, can't wait for the next book!
Wonderful book, hope it wins!
This is one of the most AMAZING books I have ever read. Turned me from a 23 year old into a 10 year old in just a few pages. I truly believe in Fendellin!!! My customers at the bookshop I work in have bought every copy in the store and they have returned just to ask when book two of The Darkling Chronicles will be out, a winner in my eyes!
A fabulous read, with great characters and epic descriptions and illustrations.
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