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The Somewhat Bumpy Story Of The Bath On Legs
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The Somewhat Bumpy Story Of The Bath On Legs

By Francine Bowden
ISBN 9781907552564
Category Children
Summer 2015


Told from the perspective of a snooty bath on legs, we hear the charming story of two children, generations apart, brought together by a mysterious and magical bathtub that transports its occupants at the push of a button.

Author's Biography

 A school teacher whose true love is reading and writing. Francine started this story in 2010, adding little snippets as ideas popped in her head like fizzing candy! Bowden is from Devon and feels lucky to be surrounded by green hills and the sounds of pheasants and chickens – the quintessential country life! 


Price £4.99

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Reader Comments

Wonderful book... So beautifully written I felt like I was with the characters!
Great story.... When and where will the next adventure be?
This book is quite something. It took me on a great journey, I felt like a child again and I loved how the storylines and characters were interwoven so brilliantly by the narrative bathtub. Each character was endearing in their own way and the messages were clear; never under estimate a persons loneliness and longing or the drive of a young child wanting to make a change. Superb. Definately a winner.
Amazing. Good luck x
A truly mesmerising story. Good luck Frankie!
An incredible story. I loved it x
Brilliant book, bring on the next adventure !!
It is a fantastic concept behind the story. Written in a fun and captivating style.
This book rocks my world
Fantastic book!
Brilliant book, my daughter LOVED this story. Well done Frankie!
Well written and captivating- how wonderful to be transported to a place of your most inner dreams, all at bathtub. A winner.
This is an amazing book which my daughter loves and the author has a great way of bringing people into the book.
I thought this book was really good and different from most of the others, I like the fact it is about a bath.
Lovely original idea. Feel this could become a series of books taking children to different times.
A wonderful story told by a creative author. Keep them coming Frankie!
My children loved it.
From a brilliant book from a young, talented and gifted author!
A wonderful book that transports you somewhere magical!
A fantastic read, so exciting and can't wait for my boys to grow up a bit to enjoy it with me!
Couldn't put it down
A beautiful book, full of rich and emotive language. Definitely one to be enjoyed by all the family!
Fabulous story which will appeal to children of all ages.
A very enjoyable read. My great-grandchildren enjoyed it immensely
An awesome read which all members of our family loved
Excellent exciting read, a great story to behold, encompassing so many imaginative ways to wind the narrative through your thoughts, making you want to know what adventure the magical bath on legs is going to have next!
I was able to hear the voice of the bath speaking directly to me so I was able to empathise with her reduced situation. The stories the bath told are charming and educational without being sanctimonious. I have bought this book for two young relatives of mine, they are both looking forward to reading of other adventures from the bath's past life. A story to make you smile.
A delightful and uplifting story linking two delightful characters across time and social background with a very important message for future generations. A great read for children and adults alike. More please!
Fingers crossed!! x
Delightful book for all ages, boys and girls.
My nieces loved the posh bath.
A fun and educational story would recommend it to anyone.
My kids loved it
Great Adventure for children's of all ages
A brilliant start from a very talented and inspiring author
Can't wait for the sequel 😉
Great young author and lovely book for young readers.
A lovely book. Really enjoyed it !! Can't wait for the next one,
A lovely wonderful story ,adults will enjoy it as much as children .
Amazing little book. My little ones loved it, and so did the kids they showed it to! Very imaginative xx
Brilliant children's book, that really captures their imagination and links in well to topics they will have covered at schools. A really fun adventure book!
I loved reading this to my class. They throughly enjoyed it too!
I am, of course rather biased but I believe this is quite a special little book.... Read this tale and make a splash, who knows where you'll be taken in a flash! Enjoy and happy voting- thank you for your support xx
Such an exciting story, my class really enjoyed it.
What a great story. Wish I had a magic bath!
a wonderful adventurous book, can't wait to see where the bath or another item of bathroom furniture goes next.
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