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Felicity Fly Meets The Dragon Fruit
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Felicity Fly Meets The Dragon Fruit

By Christina Gabbitas
ISBN 9780957255265
Category Children
Summer 2015


Felicity flies into the house from the garden, after hearing lots of noise coming from inside. Felicity Fly meets, Daniella Dragon Fruit from Vietnam, Pablo Pineapple from Caracas, Brassica Broccoli from Italy and Toulouse Tomato. All the characters mention their healthy benefits. Children are also introduced to different geographical locations and accents with the free downloadable read-along. The story also has an element of a teamwork focus.

Author's Biography

Christina Gabbitas is a children’s author, poet and voice-over artist, who always loved to read rhyming books and poetry, in her early years. Christina's children were part inspiration for her writing. Also running a national initiative, to encourage children writing, which gained support from the Education Secretary.


Price £6.99

“A very entertaining read. ” 
A brilliant idea. My niece loves this book. We love all the different character accents on the audio and the sing along song. Our favourite character is Pablo Pineapple.

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Reader Comments

Brilliant work and idea Christina, good luck.
Lovely book, enjoyed sharing with my grandsons.
A fantastic childrens book , with amazing illustration. good luck x
Good Luck x
Fantastic Book by an amazing author
A very entertaining book. The children like listening to the different character accents and are looking forward to seeing you at Helmsley Festival.
The children had a lot of fun listening to your storytelling in the library, and were very happy to have their book signed.
My son loves this book, especially when the Pineapple falls into the jelly.
It was interesting listening to you talking about the book on BBC Leeds breakfast, it put a smile on our faces. Good luck.
Good Luck
Our local music time group, had fun with the rhyming song. Good luck.
Very entertaining and refreshing. Brilliant for our pre-school.
My son adores Pablo Pineapple.
What a wonderful colourful story and song. We had fun making our own maracas. Good luck.
Brilliant characters and story. We love the rhyming song.
We enjoyed our storytelling in Stratford, thank you.
You are an inspiration to many. Good luck
Great story
My kids think this is a really funny book, they now look forward to story time. All the best Christina.
A great innovative way of getting a very important message across.
Good luck Christina.
Liam and Amelia loved meeting you in WHSmith today, we listened to the story in our car on the way home. We all enjoyed singing along. Good luck
Very entertaining and great illustrations
My nieces in New Jersey really enjoy listening to the read along and especially the song. We are pleased that we can now download the audio version too.
Brassica Broccoli gets my vote! Brilliant illustrations and creative way of teaching children about healthy food.
It was lovely to have our book signed in WHSmith Stratford. We now have all four books.
Another great funny story from an inspirational writer.
Absolutely fantastic way of introducing healthy food to young children.
Good luck.
Tarquin Tomato is our favourite, especially his singing.
Beautifully written and illustrated.
My nephew really likes the sing along song and loves it when Pablo Pineapple falls into the jelly.
Very creatively written. Good luck.
Great imagination. We love your books.
Another entertaining book. Congratulations.
A great read! My kids love this book and the funny characters!
I love Pablo Pineapple and Brassica Broccoli. Hope you win.
Good luck
Our customers love your books, and is always a pleasure to have you in store connecting with your audience.
All my children are huge fans of the quirky characters in your books, and my youngest has been switched onto reading. Thank you and good luck.
A great new addition to your series. Healthy food is a hot topic for us all, and brilliant that you are teaching children through fun characters.
We love this latest Felicity Fly, especially the sing along song. Good luck
Love this book! They are so original, informative and great fun to read. The different accents on the audio make it even more entertaining for children and helps them to get to know and love the characters.
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