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Those Pesky Rabbits
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Those Pesky Rabbits

By Ciara Flood
Published by Templar Publishing
ISBN 9781783701575
Category Children, Ages 3-7
Summer 2015


All Mr Bear wants is to be left alone but his new rabbit neighbours just don’t get it! After grumpily refusing their requests to borrow honey or swap books he decides to scare them away. But does their kindness make Mr Bear finally realise it’s time for a change?

Author's Biography

Ciara Flood is a freelance illustrator and designer based in London with her partner and young daughter. She has previously illustrated a book for Childnet International but Those Pesky Rabbits is her picture book debut.


Price £6.99/£11.99

'Delightfully sweet story with attractive illustrations and endearing characters. A charming tale that would read aloud well.' Peters e-gazette. 
'What a way to kick off your picture book career!' Picture Books Blogger. 
'We can't help but wish that bunch of bunnies would move in next door to us.' Read it Daddy.

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Reader Comments

Beautifully illustrated book!
Fantastic book for the little ones with beautiful illustrations
Great, fun book with lovely illustrations.
Fantastic book, brilliant illustrations, a must read in my house
A beautiful book that I love reading with my three year old time and time again
Wonderful book, beautifully illustrated. My son loves it.
A rare talent
Lovely book, beautiful drawing with loads of detail and great characterization, plus gentle humour throughout .
Fantastic read; my kids have taken to calling everything they disagree with a pesky's mandatory bedtime reading for my 4 and 2 year old.
The kids love this story and love the illustrations.
Beautifully illustrated story
Beautifully written and illustrated. My children loved this book and we found it a delightful read.
A great picture book for kids.
really enjoyed the illustration and the interaction when reading this book with my 5 year old nephew, lovely book
Brilliant illustration and story. Kids love it.
Fantastic story x
Lovely story, beautifully illustrated.
Great Book! The kids LOVE it
Beautiful work!
An excellent book for kids with superb illustrations!!
So lovely! A sure kids' favorite.
A fantastically illustrated story with a beautiful message...definitely deserves a win!
Any child will love Those Pesky Rabbits! Its a funny, heartwarming story about being sociable, with gorgeous illustrations full of comical details and adorable characters.
Such a funny and subtle book. Gorgeous.
Fantastic Book.
Brilliant story and illutrations and very funny bit still teaches a very important lesson
Hope this wins
Fabulous book, both its illustrations and storyline. The prose reads very nicely for a childrens' book, which raises it above other more jilted prose.
Love it :)
This is such a wonderful book. Bear is the perfect grump. Can those pesky rabbits ever melt his heart? A subtle and moving look at young and old, with heartwarming messages for both. Highly recommended!
Love this gorgeous story.
This is an incredible book for children and adults alike. I have actually used it in a class I taught to Spanish children for English as a Second Language and they loved it, absolutely loved it, as did I.
Absolutely delightful picture book and story
Love everything about this book!
A wonderful book!
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