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Stonely's Pet Dinosaur
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Stonely's Pet Dinosaur

By Naomi Burman-Shine
ISBN 978-1-909902-10-7
Summer 2015


Stonely’s Pet Dinosaur follows Stonely, a determined young cave boy, in his quest to find the perfect pet dinosaur. Accompanied by his ever supportive dad, Stonely sets off on a journey to Jet’s Pets Seaside Shop, where he meets a roaring red dino that is sure to impress his friends. Along the way, the young cave boy is faced with challenges and tricky problems to solve, ultimately learning the importance of determination.

Author's Biography

Born and brought up in London, Naomi Burman-Shine adores reading children’s picture books with her two young sons. Naomi, who studied Music and Radio, Film and TV Studies at Canterbury Christ Church University, worked for many years as a production accountant for both the BBC and ITV. More recently, she has worked as a voluntary teaching assistant at her sons’ primary school.


Price £5.99

Colourful! Exciting! Fantastic fun for kids. - The Wishing Shelf Awards (Silver Medal Winner)

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Reader Comments

Fantastic book
My nephew loves this book, makes me read it every time I see him
Reminds me of the Flintstones. Love the story!
Best of luck Naomi x
Love reading this to my two boys, it's still their fave.
It's a lovely and interesting book for kids :-) Good luck Naomi.
Such a great book!
Such a lovely book. I recommend to anyone that has kids or is buying for children!
I work in a primary school and think this is a great book to read to key stage one children.
Exciting read! This book is fantastic for children of all ages.
Excellent book my kids love it!
Loved it
Excellent book
An enjoyable read.
Wonderful book, my kids ages 6 & 4 loved it!
Lovely story
My boys love this book. A great family read.
Nice rhyming text and a subject young children will love
Wishing you the best of luck Naomi! Hope you win! X
Excellent book with good illustrations
Great fun!
A lovely book
A really lovely book with colourful illustrations. Really recommend for any age!
Love the story and the illustrations!
Great read - kids loved it!
An excellent educational book for children with cute illustrations
Amazing illustrations which capture the children's attention!!
A wonderfully written and beautifully illustrated book for girls and boys.
An amazing book which looks at friendship and resilience and how to persevere. Excellent poetry and look forward to sequels. Beautiful illustrations.
A really fun & enjoyable read. Ideal for all children.
Wonderful Book! Congrats, Naomi!
Excellent book my children love it! ROARRRR!!!
Great book for kids. Lovely illustration. Boys really love it!
Fabulous read kids throughly enjoyed the story and pictures
Fantastic book! Great for the kids
My child's favourite book.
A fun read to be enjoyed time and again with wonderful illustrations, too. A story of the value of determination and perseverance.
A MUST read!!! I highly recommend this delightful rhyming picture book. My young pupils were truly captivated by Stonely and his quest to find a roaring red dinosaur! We can't wait for the sequel!
A charming book, highly recommend it.
Its a great read
My son absolutely loves Stonely's Pet Dinosaur! Appeals to a really wide range of ages.
Brilliant for young children great for their imagination
Great book for bed time story!
It is a easy book to read and a lovely picture to describe.
well worth a read
Such a fantastic book
a fab read-the children loved/loves it
Stonely's Pet Dinosaur is adorably illustrated and written. It is sure to delight preschoolers and early readers.
Very colourful book
Good luck, Naomi!
An adorable children's story!
really interesting, kids loved it refershing
Lovely book and fantastic illustrations!
Fantastic book by Naomi! my kids love of their reading list...!
Fantastic book
A delightful story.
Lovely book for children
A really popular book with children at our dinosaur museum
Big, colourful pictures, a cute dinosaur and an exciting story in rhyme, perfect for bedtime.
funny !
A book that all children will enjoy and also enjoy sharing.
Great rhyming book, enjoyable and fun.
Great book for small children
fantastic book highly recommended
Great book from this debut author. Kids will love it!
Love this cover :0)
Fabulous book. Hope there is a part two
What an Amazing book Author has made it very enjoyable cant wait for more ..
Fantastic book amazing author
Lovely book with great illustrations. A must for any child and a lovely present for someone too.
Fantastic book, my kids loved it.
Stonely's Pet Dinosaur is a fun rhyming book and a must read for keen boys and girls who love pets and love dinosaurs!
Everyone should look At this lovely little book.
Well done looking out for the next instalment!!
Really good read for the young ones.
A fantastic first book by a very talented author! Looking forward to the next one!!
A fabulous rhyming picture book for young dinosaur fans everywhere.
Fantastic children's book!
A brilliant book for young children. Very imaginative
Fantastic book. Great for young kids
Wonderful book full of adventure and wonderful illustrations to keep children excited and engaged even grandmother children at heart
Best of luck fantastic book always a popular choice with my boys
Fantastic Book
well written & illustrated
Fantastic Book for all ages. Not only did I enjoy it but so did my 7 year old and my 22 year old
A creative, colourful and delightful children's story with a strong moral undercurrent. Love it!
Congrats to the author on being nominated. Great book!
Wonderful colourful book for children.
Excellent book the kids loved it.
Very good childrens book, nice colourful.
Lovely illustrations and fun concept! Good luck!
A book loved by my children. it is fun. Good luck to the author.
Very timely with the release of the new Jurassic World movie allows the younger members of the family not to feel left out during the re-emergence of Dinosaur mania.
Great book!
Problem solving skills! A must for our kiddos. Stonely is a perfect book for that task.
Beautifully written. My children adore this book.
Great read my kids loved it :)
My seven year old daughter LOVES it! A worthy winner!
Lovely book!
Wonderful book, I bought it for my 5 yr old Grandson & he loves it.
Great children's book
Great first book.
Fantastic book and fantastic author! :)
A great story with lovely illustrations - my dinosaur-fan son really enjoyed it
Awesome book and great illustrations. Great lesson of determination and problem solving.
Good luck, Naomi! I wish you every success with your book.
a wonderful tale filled with charm and loving detail. I hope there will be more adventures in future books
Good rhyming book
Love this book!
Fantastic story! My girls love it!
Amazing book, my kids absolutely loved it!
Well written and beautifully illustrated, kids will love this!
Fantastically written and a thoroughly deserving winner
What's not to love about a red dino?!?!?!?!
Lovely rhyming text and cool illustrations, perfect for young children who like dinosaurs
Imaginative and enjoyable book. My seven-year-old son loved it.
My daughter loves reading this book, great illustration , lots of colour, and a must for any dinosaur fan
My young son and daughter absolutely loved this book. The story is exciting to read and the illustrations are wonderful, complimenting each part of the story. A superb book and a real must read for all dino fans! Yabba Dabba Doo!
I would like to vote for this book, as it is good easy reading, especially it being in rhyme. I felt, even as an adult, I needed to carry on to finish the book and find out what will happen next. Well done author.
great book by a superb talent.
Go red dinosaur! - Colourful, exciting and fantastic fun for kids. Ideal for bedtime reading and learning purposes. Recommended book.
I bought this book for my cousin's young daughter and she loved it. It's been read night after night. Thoroughly recommend it!
A fabulous endearing story. My grandchildren now want to own a roaring red dinosaur!
This debut rhyming picture book is definitely 'colourful, exciting and fantastic fun for kids'. It's very interactive and a sure winner with children and adults alike! Well done to Naomi Burman-Shine! We're looking forward to reading the next in this perfect prehistoric series.
Great book!
A wonderful read for Dinosaur fans!
A talented new author! Great first book, the children love it.
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