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Dream with me now of... A Dinosaur Dash
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Dream with me now of... A Dinosaur Dash

By Susan Clifford
ISBN 9781849636629
Summer 2015


Do you want to discover a magical land? 
Then dream with me now of far off places. 
Shall we discover a dinosaur land? 
Then close your eyes and you will see, 
what's in store for you and me.

Author's Biography

Born into a warm, storytelling family, Susan’s always looked to give this wonderful experience to others. She’s spent many years working with children, sharing her passion for writing and now, with her family’s support, she’s making her dreams come true by passing on her world of imagination to children everywhere.


Price £6.99

"5 Gold Stars" - Leah Rossvoll, Spotlight Juniors Review 
"Fantastic book for children of any age, wonderfully written and illustrated" - Carla G., Amazon

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