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Close of Play
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Close of Play

By PJ Whiteley
Published by Urbane Publications
ISBN 9781909273528
Category Fiction
Summer 2015


Close of Play is a thoughtful, funny, beautifully honest story of love and manners. It’s a tale of missed opportunities and a chance at redemption – and the fear of opening our hearts to another when we think we’ve forgotten how to love.

Author's Biography

PJ Whiteley is an experienced author taking a break from writing about management to turn his hand to romantic comedy, seizing on the potential of men preferring to play or watch sport than talk about their feelings and stuff.


Price £7.99

"I loved this. As with Outside Edge, it's not just the cricket, it's old life itself. Will happily commend Close of Play heartily. Howzat?" - Robert Daws, actor 

I loved some of the descriptions which were beautiful and subtly done.Very lyrical and evocative language- very Steinbeck at times! - RNA

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Reader Comments

A masterpiece will melt the hardest heart
This is why I voted
Love ,life,laughter and tears oh and cricket.An up and down romantic tale ,you can almost hear leather on willow it is so well written and has you from the first page to the last
A witty, sweet and charming tale of a man who has not quite crossed over from boyhood, and the extraordinarily patient woman who inspires him to make the journey. Full of quintessentially English institutions - from cricket to pub culture to long walks in the countryside. A lovely read!
A wonderful bitter sweet tale, full of comic delights and romance, all set within earshot of leather against willow.
Wonderful. Best of luck - Trace :o)
A beautifully written book with some laugh out loud observations on love, life and cricket. Pace very well measured - would make a brilliant film!
Thoroughly enjoyed it.
A thoroughly enjoyable book. I couldn't put it down.
A really unusual twist on romantic comedy. Witty dialogue, great setting and very rounded characters. A pleasure to read and welcome refreshment from the norm.
What a lovely book. Philip writes like a dream. It was like opening the proverbial box of chocolates - a delight.
This is a wonderfully humorous romantic book.
Highly recommended! - Ashanti
Philip is a fantastic writer. As a 23 year old girl I am often torn as to what book to take in my beach bag over the summer, Close Of Play was a suprising, delightful and funny read and one of which I have reccomended to my friends!
An impressive move from his usual subjective matter.
An excellent read with sharp insights on love, relationships, life and cricket.
Wonderful book, I really enjoyed the development of the characters and in particular the wonderful descriptions of the middle aged, church going English man, set in his ways, nervous and mostly unaware of the need to change. It was spot on in my experience and very funny. I was surprised to enjoy the gentle rhythm and pace as I usually read fast paced, violent swedish murders or psychological thrillers. I really enjoyed the light touches of humour underlying and running through it all. Can't recommend it highly enough for an award.
The gentle tale of a repressed and conservative, but also charming and endearing, middle-aged man, painfully aware of his tweedy tastes and opinions, feeling a bit lonely, batting brilliantly for his village cricket team, but completely clueless and procrastinating when it comes to romance. I read it with much enjoyment over a couple of days, smiling often and laughing out loud several times.
Fabulous believable characters that epitomise rural England at its best. Loved reading it - good storyline & an all round good read.
A wonderfully funny, honest and heartwarming romantic comedy that believes love is possible for everyone.
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