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Another Boring Day in Paradise
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Another Boring Day in Paradise

By Malcolm Roscow
ISBN 9781784554255
Category Fiction
Summer 2015


John and Liz are considering the Bahamas as a potential place for investing their retirement fund. When they meet Sybille, who runs an apartment block, everything seems to come together. With wonderful new friends and a lifestyle only dreamed of, it all may be too good to be true….

Author's Biography

After a successful career in the pulp and paper industry, during which he visited 68 countries and lived for 7 years in the USA and 1 in the Bahamas, British author Malcolm Roscow now lives on the Dorset coast and spends his time keeping fit and writing novels.


Price £6.99

"Unbelievably gripping" - Magic City Morning Star 
"A tale that keeps the reader captivated and wanting more." - Andrew Callaghan, Amazon

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Reader Comments

Great story!
Really good read with a gripping story.
A great story, definitely a novel I'd recommend
A fascinating story!
A very compelling story.Hard to put down .Well done Malcolm.
A well written first book with an exciting ending. I look forward to more Malcolm. Well done!
A well deserved entry...
The delicious descriptions in this book transported me to places I have never been. Marvelously crafted.
A great holiday read, unless you're in the Bahamas.
Pour le grand père de Lisa😊
Great work! Keep it up.
Great book, Malcolm. All the best!
Splendid plot, well written, absolutely worth reading !
An excellent first book for this author
A fascinating read that grips you to the end.
Fast-Paced Tale of Retirement Dream Turned Nightmare
Excellent first time book!
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