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L U S I T A N I A R. E. X
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L U S I T A N I A R. E. X

By Greg Taylor
ISBN 9781910125915
Category Historial fiction
Summer 2015


L U S I T A N I A R. E. X, a novel about the sinking of the Lusitania in only eighteen minutes on May 7th 1915, uses the known facts as a foundation for a story replete with spies and secret societies, superweapons, monarchs, millionaires and martyrs.

Author's Biography

Greg Taylor’s passion for research led to first-hand relationships with the descendants of the characters in the book, including the Duke of Marlborough and Alfred G. Vanderbilt III. The story reflects his history degree from Williams College and graduate studies at Yale living beside The Tomb of Skull and Bones.


Price £22.95

“A good yarn in the Dan Brown vein, with glamourous settings, wartime peril, political machinations, millionaires, aristocrats and royalty, and a generous helping of sex.” 
The Nautilus Telegraph, January 2015 

“Lusitania R.E.X weaves fiction around the known facts to create a plausible explanation of some of the mysteries surrounding the sinking of this great ship.” 
The Armourer, March 2015

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Reader Comments

Great insights and a good feeling for the period
Great read all the way through to the exciting & tragic finale
A gripping read enriched by deep context into the people and the time.
Great detail.
What a fun book - a great blend of history and intrigue. Totally recommend it!
Loved reading it and couldn't put it down!
Marvellously descriptive of the opulent lives of the European aristocracy and the American plutocracy, full of interesting historical vignettes and with a plausible storyline powering it along, this is a fun page-turner.
a very good read indeed
I found the book gripping. I really was captured by the story telling of an historical event and by fascinating characters in the book.
Congratulations on this piece, an enthralling read from start to finish. Well done Greg.
Great book!
Great read.
A great book, well researched and captivating.
Outstanding read!
Such an epic read, loved it!
Fascinating, authentic and well written piece of work.
Fantastic book, I was enthralled from start to finish!
Surprisingly spell-binding given the subject matter! Excellent read! Intelligently written.
Lusitania R.E.X and author were just awarded the M.M.Bennetts Award for Historical Fiction, announced June 28th at the Historical Novel Society conference in Denver, Colorado.
A captivating read, I almost felt in was on board enjoying the glitz and glamour and a witness to the sad an tragic loss.
Really enjoyed this book - I'm a fan of military history factual books so this was a departure for me, but the fact the author put so much focus on blending fact with fiction, and filled in the gaps where mystery remains, made this a very appealing read for me personally.
Wonderful limited edition book that is an unusual but informative take on a huge historic event, which has attracted significant media attention this year due to the centenary (May 7th).
A wonderful tale woven together with historical facts and a dash of fiction against the backdrop of the tragic sinking of the Lusitania. Highly detailed accounts of real events, passionately researched and presented to the reader with delight.
A fabulous book, and painstakingly researched.
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