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Foul Trade
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Foul Trade

By BK Duncan
Published by Andrews UK Limited
ISBN 9781783336586
Category Fiction
Summer 2015


Poplar Coroner’s Officer May Keaps has never failed to provide a jury with sufficient evidence to arrive at a just verdict. The poverty, drunken fights, drug trafficking, and gangs haunting the shadows of the docks mean that the courtroom sees more than its fair share of sudden and unnatural deaths.

Author's Biography

Born on a steam railway and brought up on the South Coast of England, such beginnings were destined to leave BK Duncan with a love of vintage transport, crashing seas, and Art Deco architecture.


Price £7.99

At last a crime novel that doesn't have a depressed, middle-aged, male alcoholic as its central character. 
- Amazon 

I admit now that I am not a great fan of Historical Crime, but this book certainly set my imagination on fire.

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Reader Comments

I will merely strongly advise you to read this. It is quite simply a stunning read. Crimesquad
Truly an auspicious debut, with a wonderful heroine, a twisting plot and a great sense of period. Best of all, for me, was that fascinating setting. You show us a side of the 1920s we don't usually see. Andrew Taylor -- Triple Winner of the Crime Writers' Association Historical Dagger
May is a terrific character, all too aware of pain and fear but refusing to let either deflect her from what she knows to be right. BK Duncan's research is impressive, and she writes well. BookOxygen
Flowing through BK Duncan's marvellous portrayal of 1920's life winds an even darker undercurrent. CrimeSquad
Silent Witness Meets Call the Midwife. Foul Trade has been making something of a stir in publishing circles since it first appeared. Comet Newspaper
I really enjoyed this book and in particular the depth of the period detail. There was a cast of believable and entertaining characters involved in a complex and interesting plot. Definitely recommended
A very engaging and enjoyable read with 3d characters
I loved this book.
Andrew Taylor (Triple Winner of the Crime Writers' Association Historical Dagger) said about Foul Trade: "It richly deserves The People's Book Prize -- you just have to read it to see why!"
Brilliant book, looking forward to the next one
I couldn't put it down! Felt really authentic and gripping. More of May and Jack please.
A real page turner, looking forward to No.2.
Opened up a world I knew nothing about! Thank goodness for women like May, can't wait to meet her again. Thoroughly enjoyable read, well researched and written to take the reader back in time to Poplar
I read this book and truly loved it! The attention to historical detail, the tension made me feel right in the midst of the story. An excellent novel not to be missed! This would make a great movie!
A great read. Love the setting and it is thoroughly researched (but not bogged down by excessive detail).
A great read, well-researched & a worthy winner!
A very readable thriller.
A fresh, rivetting piece of historical fiction.
Fabulous book and I had the pleasure of meeting the author. Lovely Lady
I found this book absorbing. When May Keaps, a feisty coroner’s clerk in desperately poor Poplar in the East End of London investigated the death of a young girl I was as determined to find the wrongdoers. I was worried when she was drawn into the violence and intrigue of the 1920s dockland underworld. Whenever May walked down the streets I went with her, holding my nose as the stink of raw sewage wafted in my direction, my eyes smarting from the smog. Very relieved that she found all the answers I was happy when she was reunited with her reckless younger sister and I smiled at the concern of her anxious admirers. I can hardly wait for the next book!
A rattling good read!
Great read, looking forward to the next book!!
A superb novel from a talented writer.
Experienced a good feel for 1920s London. Easily got caught up in plot. Looking forward to more of May.
A really good read. Very well researched. Gives a very accurate picture of dockland in the 20,s. Very atmospheric. Hope the next one is published soon. Got really involved with May. Want to know what happens to her next.
One becomes immersed in the story's time and place, without it feeling like a history lesson, and the story and characters draw you along.
Scrupulously researched, vividly realised setting. Brings the 1920s to life.
A great read. Am looking forward to reading more about May.
Really enjoyed this novel set in 1920s Poplar. With its cast of entertaining characters, driving plot and vivid setting it's well worth a read.
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