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Saviour of the Nation
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Saviour of the Nation

Subtitle An epic poem of Winston Churchill's finest hour
By Brian Hodgkinson
ISBN 9780856835063
Category Fiction, Poetry
Summer 2015


This engaging poem depicts Churchill as a hero in traditional epic style. The narrative covers the period from 1940, when Great Britain faced perhaps the greatest threat to its very existence as an independent nation, to 1941 when the United States entered the war after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

Author's Biography

Brian Hodgkinson has taught history for many years and has published three books of poems, as well as others on history, philosophy and economics. He is currently working on a narrative poem on the history of the Second World War.


Price £10.00

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Reader Comments

Enjoy the read immensely, will definitely stay on the bookshelf for a second read.
A highly original and creative account of Churchill's role in the early years of the Second World War. This is a unique composition, which deserves to be celebrated as such.
This is an amazing book written in 'heroic poem form'. The author writes beautifully and with ardour! It takes the reader through from 1931 when Hitler was coming to power, to 1941 when the Unites States entered the war. We were given hope and courage by this amazing man. If there is anyone who was alive in these very difficult times, I thoroughly reoommend it to you all. I read it three times during one day.
The metre is flawless and really adds to the drama of the narrative. This is a must for people interested in Churchill.
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