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Little Bell And The Moon
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Little Bell And The Moon

By Giles Paley-Phillips
Published by Fat Fox Books
ISBN 978-0992872861
Category CHILDREN 2-6 years
Summer 2015


A wonderful rhyming tale of a little girl who grows up, gets old and turns into a bright star in the sky. This story touches upon a subject rarely dealt with in children’s picture books in the most beautiful and positive way imaginable.

Author's Biography

Giles was born in East Sussex in 1977 and grew up on the south coast. Giles has won several awards for his books and has travelled extensively in the UK doing book events and workshops in schools and at some of the country’s most exciting book festivals.


Price £12.00

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Reader Comments

Well written, beautifully illustrated. A winner!
So moving and beautifully illustrated.....
Beautiful story that I will definitely keep on my daughter's bookshelf!
Beautiful and heartfelt portrayal of aging and death. Wonderful story and illustrations.
Love the drawings of Iris. so beautiful, must be the winner 2016
Simply beautiful, do hope it wins. Good Luck! x
Wow! This book is incredible, GOOD LUCK!!!
Fantastic book and really does deserve to win.
Deceptively simple, this beautifully illustrated and well written and crafted book, deals sensitively with a difficult subject. It is thoughtful and poignant,It deserves great success and plaudits. Good luck Giles.
Simply superb
A story of wonder, light and love. Fabulous.
Love this book, wonderful illustrations and a great theme :)
Beautiful, a poetic gem.
Lovely children's book...xx
Good luck!
Good luck Giles! - Donna
Good luck Giles
Best of luck Giles!
Good luck Giles from another twitter friend
All the best Giles.
Good luck!!
Amazing book, essential in every family library.
Good luck...all bits are crossed. Teresa
Good luck Giles from a twitter friend. :) x
Fabulous book
Important subject made accessible for children. Brilliant!!
Best of luck
Best wishes to you, Giles 🌕🌝
Simply beautiful ! Addresses a topic that can be difficult to talk about... Well deserving of recognition for it ! Good luck !
Good luck
This is a lovely read. Good luck Giles.
Love the illustrations by Iris Deppe, wonderful stuff. Good luck all!
A beautiful story beautifully illustrated. A classic in the making.
Good luck. Have everything crossed for you x
Best of luck x
Fantastic book :-)
Wonderful story
Best of luck. Hope this book wins.
Way to go, Giles! Wish you the best of success with this one. Go get it!!!
Gorgeous book, good luck!
Gorgeous work
Good Luck with the book Giles x
Loved it!
A wonderful rhyming tale of a little girl, who grows up, gets old and turns into a bright star in the sky. Good Luck, looks lovely
Best of luck Giles x
Good Luck Giles!
Beautifully written and illustrated book
A beautiful, bittersweet tale that tackles some very difficult subject matter in a sensitive way. Love it.
Good luckgiles :)
Poignant, Perfect help for helping your child understand life.
Hope this book wins...
Brilliant, good luck Giles!!
Good luck Giles!!
Best of luck :)
A lovely book for young people
This deserves to win, such a good book! :)
good luck Giles
A beautiful way of tackling a difficult subject.
Good luck Giles!
Beautiful :) Good luck Giles x
Great book and even greater author!
Best of luck Giles X
great writer ! lovely stories!
Best of luck Giles - you deserve this for such a brilliant book
I love the moon too. Lovely story.
Good luck!
Beautiful story. I hope you win. All the best!
Good luck!
What a lovely approach to a difficult subject. Best of luck!
Your book deserves the widest respect Giles. Hope you get the recognition you deserve
Magical book, fantastic
Good luck x
Good luck Giles!!
Simply beautiful reading
Lovely little book.
WOOO :) good luck love x
Magnificent! Good luck, Dear Giles! You rock! XxX Dannie.
Love it!
Can you hear him whistling a little tune..? It's about him trying to catch the Moon... (Stefan Andersson - Catch The Moon)
All the best and good luck!!
Love this book, really hope it wins!!!!
A skilled author and a beautiful story
Good luck Giles ☺️
Best of luck Giles
A sensitive, thoughful book.
Good Luck Giles X
Good luck!
Beautiful xx
great book, great guy, hope it wins
A wonderful story about a child's friendship with the moon -- and the moon's sad realization that humans don't live forever. With an uplifting ending and beautiful illustrations, this book should be an instant classic!
A very valuable resource for teaching or parenting. Lots luck, the rest is already in place.
Good luck Giles x
Best of luck, Giles!!
Fantastic author and fantastic book 😀
Best of luck Giles 😀
Good luck Giles
Such a sweet little book!
Good luck ☺☺
Three nephews aged 2, 4 and 6 when my father died. Wish Giles had written this book then to help them understand a difficult subject so beautifully explained.
Lovely- good luck!
All my support for your work! Hope this vote counts!
The story and the illustrations are simply beautiful. Best of luck!
Lovely book
A very special book!
Good luck Giles! :)
Lovely story. Good luck!
Good luck! Lovely story!
Another lovely book from Giles
My 4 yr old will love this
Nice Guy, Nice Book
Good luck
Love it Giles, good luck :)
Wonderful and lovely poetry not just for children!!!
I hope you win!!!
Good luck! 😊
Good Luck Giles, Brilliant news!
Beautiful story, stunning illustrations and wonderful writing.
Marvelous story!
Such a lovely idea for a story . Very child friendly .
Looking forward to read this book! Good Luck Giles!
Good luck!
A lovely book that really tackles the subject of loss with great sensitivity. Beautifully illustrated and thought provoking. Well done and Good luck
Just brilliant!
Giles paley Phillips Little bell and the moon is such a wonderful story
brilliant book
Good luck Giles xx
A delightful tale with beautiful illustrations. Congratulations, Giles!
Great Book
Good Luck Giles
Good luck Giles
Great :)
It's a lovely story
Beautiful inspiring literature about a difficult subject.
Stunning illustrations match poignant rhyming prose.
A beautifully written/illustrated book covering such sensitive issues in way that young children can understand.
Lovely book. Good luck Giles
Very lovely story! Hope you win, good luck!
A wonderful book to read to and with young children, especially for those of us with ambitions to grow old and turn into a bright star in the sky!
Little Bell and the Moon. Beautiful story
Good Luck Giles!!
Amazing, fun book!
If adults can't deal with bereavement, how can we expect children to? Giles' book deals with a 'grown up' issue in such a sensitive and delicate way. It's a joy to look at too.
Good luck Giles
A very beautiful book.
Fab book Giles! Congrats yet again !! 👍🏻
Best of luck, Giles! - trurogirl
Brilliant book. Kept my grandchild wide eyed in anticipation!
Very pleased to vote for this book, a touching subject, written in a sensitive and positive way. Good luck
love it, love it, love it! Good luck
Brilliant Book, so pleased for you. Good luck
Good luck Giles!
Giles is an amazing author and this book is rare find. Just lovely.
Good luck x
A beautifully poetically written and illustrated story about love, friendship and mortality. This is an incredibly touching book deserving of an award.
Good luck!
Good Luck!
Great! Good luck! :)
Wonderful book! :)
Good luck!
beautiful book
An originally story that is beautifully written. The illustrations capture the words and add warmth to the book.
Lovely book Giles ..good luck x
A wonderful and touching tale. Reminds me of the great Shel Silverstein and therefore an immediate classic.
What a wonderful, beautifully written way to introduce the realities of life to children.
Good luck x
Another great book from an excellent author!
Well done & good luck Giles :) x
Beautiful book
The very best of luck, Giles!
An amazing book that deals with a difficult subject for children in an easy to understand way
I love giles work. His books are great for kids :)
A delightful book by a delightful author good luck you deserve it x
Good luck, Giles. My children love your books and ive recently started buying them for my friends' children too. This one is particularly great because so many people shy away from writinf children's books on such difficult topics
Hauntingly beautiful words, good luck!
Great book
Good Luck Giles.
Best of luck xx
Best of Luck Giles x
Good luck on your new book Giles
Good luck Giles.
Good luck Giles!
It is a beautiful book for children. To parents I say: buy this beautiful book to your children.
My children experienced 3 deaths of very close family within the last 12 months and this book helped them immensely. It taught them so much about how to deal with death and they also enjoyed the adventures too. An amazing book.
Giles weaves words in a way that resonates with both children and adults.
Very delicately and beautifully written. Well done
Good luck darling x
Nicely done Giles!
Great book. The children love it!
It's a colorful pathlife in a girl's heart. We need more light poetry on heavy matters. This Book is a simple, unexpected treasure.
A delightful story blended with all that is wonderful in children's book illustration. Just lovely.
A very special book...heart-warming, sensitive and beautifully illustrated... a book to treasure!
Can't wait to receive my copies in California! Good Luck GP-P Suzanne
Beautifully written & illustrated book A must read for children (ok and adults :) ) Certainly deserving of an award. Good luck Giles
Good luck!
Lovely book for the little ones
A wonderful heart-warming book by Giles - it will embrace every child's heart : )
Good Luck Giles xx
Fabulous and enchanting, a must for any bed time or comfy time. Deserving nomination, well done!
Wonderfully written and illustrated. My Great Niece will love it.
Another wonderful book by GPP a gorgeous addition to any bookshelf!
Good Luck Giles
A difficult subject, tackled beautifully by Giles. Ideal for snuggling up with a child who is encountering the death of a grandparent for the first time.
This book is the best! Giles and Iris are so talented! All the kids I read this to just love the book. It's their favorite book!
Brilliant story telling
Such a talented writer, especially when dealing with a difficult subject with such sensitivity. A must for any parent - keep up the fantastic work Giles!
Good luck !
excellent book, amazing author!
A beautiful idea wonderfully put.
Such a beautiful story about a delicate subject. It touched my heart. Giles is a gem in children's literature.
Another beautifully written and illustrated book by an amazing writer!
Beautiful message and story.
Beautifully simple
Good luck
Beautifully illustrated and sensitively written book to add to any child's bookshelf
Another beautiful book, thank you Giles.
keeping my fingers crossed
Great book, wish I could vote twice
What a fabulous read and great illustrations too x
A gentle way of helping children through potentially difficult times. Giles always creates such lovely books. My grandchildren love them!
Fantastic book dealing with a difficult subject in a way that makes it easier for children to understand. Well done Giles!!
Another lovely story, well done!
Beautiful story
Giles Paley-Phillips is the modern Enid Blyton entrancing children into reading and hopefully into becoming the next generation of outstanding writers.
Well done Giles
Fabulous, beautiful book!
Lovely book by fab author
A beautiful story :)
Good luck Gee
Fantastic author
A sensitive book, beautifully narrated and illustrated, dealing with the most difficult of issues.
Such a lovely sensitive way to deal with a difficult subject. Excellent book!
This is a beautiful book that explains the most delicate issue perfectly to a child.
amazing author
Beautiful story and illustrations .
Good luck on winning! Hope some day I will illustrate one of your books! Ina Nastase
Beautifully told and illustrated
great book, welldone Giles, you deserve to win 😀
Giles Paley-Phillips writes so wonderful books for children! I'm a teacher in Germany and my little pupils love his books!
Good luck Giles
Beautifully written where the subject is handled in a perfect way.
A wonderful book. Already a firm favourite in our household.
Good luck Giles, you've earned this recognition!!
what a lovely book
Sweet story, sensitively handling an unusual topic; a child's journey through life to beyond. The lovely rhymes and pictures don't overstate the message, prompting thoughtfulness and discussion. A delightfully different little book.
Book is a winner Giles. All the best with the prize.
Good luck !
Fabulous book!
A wonderful idea for a book
Good luck Giles
Good luck Giles!
A really touching childrens book.
All the best Giles!
Great book helping children, and their families.
Good luck!
Love this book, so pleased to vote for it
A fantastic and beautiful book that deals with a difficult subject in a gentle way.
A poignant, touching book that helps parents discuss the harder parts of life.
Simply wonderful!
Good luck
Beautiful book.
This is a fantastic story, not just for young children but for everyone to enjoy :-) The Author has done a great job!
A super book, good luck Giles
Beautiful book!
Beautiful book
Great book!
Brilliant book
Good luck Giles
Stunning book - beautiful important sentiments and sally a delight.
Talented to the very core this author! Another delightfully moving book for children.
Lovely book with a special message
When can I vote for this book?
Good luck, hope it wins
This is a beautiful book in every sense. Lovely to approach mortality in a sensitive way that a child will understand.
Bedt book I've read, for ages!
Beautiful book
Good luck
Really good luck with it
Best of luck
A wonderful book, with a wonderful message.
Good luck, you've got my vote
really hope you do well, love the book
Good luck, the book looks great
this book looks wonderful, good luck
lovely, hope you win
Good luck
Great book, love the illustrations, really good luck with the nominations
Good luck
great book, good luck
lovely book for children.
Good Luck Little Bell!
So pleased to vote for this one, great book
Hope this wins!
such beautiful illustrations and words, Good Luck!
really hope this wins, wonderful book
Beautiful book
love this book
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