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Tommy Parker
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Tommy Parker

Subtitle Destiny Will Find You!
By Anthony Ormond
Published by Candy Jar Books
ISBN 9780992860714
Category 9-12, action/adventure
Spring 2015 (1st March - 14th May


When Tommy Parker goes to his grandpa's house for the summer he has no idea that his life is about to change forever. But that's exactly what happens when he uncovers a fantastic secret: a pen that lets him travel through his memories and alter the past!

Author's Biography

Anthony Ormond was born in Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire and raised in Milford Haven. Having studied Law he qualified as a solicitor in 2004 and he now specialises in Criminal Defence/Litigation."Tommy Parker: Destiny Will Find You!" is Anthony's debut novel. He is passionate about children's literature and hopes to play his part in keeping the genre fresh, exciting and dangerous. He is also a keen fundraiser for the research and development of both the Hoverboard and the Flux Capacitor.



"Ormond's observations and ability to tell an exciting yarn are very convincing; this alone, aside from the subject matter and ideas exploited in the book, will be enough to have the reader turning pages without wishing to put the book down." Rudolf Loewenstein,The School Librarian (Winter 2014)

"This book has an awesome adventure inside of it. There's plenty of action, history for the history buffs out there, and just lots of fun!" Ana, Ready Me Away

Price £6.99

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Reader Comments

Tommy Parker is an ordinary boy, a guardian of the pen of destiny, an time travelling action hero and the next big character in children's fiction!
Best time travel book for kids.
fanastic book !!!!!!!!!!!!!
A real page turner - looking forward to the next one (don't keep us waiting too long please!!)
Excellent author - brilliant story teller. A page turner for adults and kids alike!
Awesome read - can't wait until my little nephew is old enough to understand!!
Brilliant book, couldn't put it down and read it in one sitting. Looking forward to the next...
A book I can enjoy whilst reading to my son
A great book to get young minds imagining
Fabulous book where you can recognise areas you grew up in
Great Book!
Brilliant book- great for adults and children!
A great read, totally recommend it
Fantastic. A great book for kids young and old!
Lovely stuff!
Excellent book
Amazing Read - Superb Author !!
My 10 yr old daughter loved it. Lots of fun and laughs throughout.
Fantastic read my eight year old boy loved it
Wonderful and imaginitive!
Top banana of a book
All 3 of my boys enjoyed this book eagerly awaiting the next
A deserving winner
Brilliant book well deserved of the prize
Great book by an excellent author
A great book - my daughter loved reading about Tommy's adventures. Can't wait for the sequel!!
Well written and kept me wanting to turn to the next page
Excellent adventure, a real page turner!
Amazing book from a very talented author.
Best read I've had in a long time! Hilariously funny
The author is a fantastic storyteller and has created a book that's a great read for adults and children alike. I look forward to reading more of Tommy's adventures!
A must read for children and adults with a sense of adventure. A book that left me smiling and I am eagerly anticipating the next instalment!
An engaging story, made all the more enjoyable and believable because it is inspired by Anthony's own time at school.
amazing book that I enjoyed reading, as well as my children
Exciting adventure story. Looking forward to next book in the series.
A really exciting read. Enjoyable for young and old. I loved it
An action packed roller coaster which really kept the pages turning. Tommy Parker gets my vote!
A fantastic read! My nephews and nieces loved it, as did I.
Brilliant read, can't wait for the next book in the adventure.
The author is a fantastic storyteller and has created a book that's a great read for adults and children alike. I look forward to reading more of Tommy's adventures!
Really enjoyed reading this novel. Couldn't put it down.
Really loved this book, it's a story for all ages. Loved the focus on friendships throughout.
Awesome story by a talented author.
Amazing read
Great book I loved it and so did my children! Really looking forward to the next instalment!
A lovely read, a real page turner. Can`t wait for the next adventure!
Classified under Childrens Book category but a cracking read for all ages.
An excellent read!
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