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Death Duty
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Death Duty

Subtitle An Inspector Mowgley Murder Mystery
By George East
ISBN 9781908747051
Category thrillercrime/mystery
Spring 2015 (1st March - 14th May


The setting for DEATH DUTY is 1999, with the world on the brink of a new millennium. Jack Mowgley, it is commonly agreed, is on the brink of enforced early retirement. Or worse. Attitudes are changing, and those in authority think officers like Mowgley have no part to play in the Modern Police Force. Without doubt, Jack Mowgely is caught in a time-warp with regard to policing policies and procedures, and PC he most definitely ain’t.

Author's Biography

While trying out a number of life options, George East scraped a living as a private detective, film and TV extra, club bouncer and DJ, demolition worker, brewer’s drayman, magazine editor, pickled onion manufacturer, snooker club owner, publican, failed rock god, TV and radio presenter, PR and marketing supremo, seamstress and the world’s first and probably only professional bed tester. He gained his knowledge of police procedure and attitudes as a result of a number of arrests for violent behaviour in his extreme youth.


"I was totally absorbed as the tale unfolded. Not so much by the plot, but by waiting for the next assault on political correctness." Ed. FPN (French Property News)

Price £9.99

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