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Discovering God
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Discovering God

Subtitle A collection of illustrated meditations on the personality of God
By Catharine Heron
ISBN 9780856835056
Category self-help/how-to, mind/body,
Spring 2015 (1st March - 14th May


“This truly original work, marked by a simplicity which is the outcome of a deep spirituality, is profound and accessible, encouraging through the understanding of God and our life. The beautiful and deeply feeling illustrations are all of a piece with the writing, and together they make for inspirational meditations.”

Author's Biography

Catharine Heron has grown up in the Anglican church developing a contemplative spirituality. She has lived and raised a family in the West Country and is using her art to express the search for deeper spiritual understanding.


"It is a very special work indeed. I recommend it very highly.” Richard Eyre, Dean Emeritus of Exeter Cathedral

"... speaks more to the human condition than can a shelf-full of scholarly theological volumes or strident fundamentalist polemics. I commend it.” Richard Skinner, poet and author

"... a deeply insightful and extremely accessible set of meditations enriched and amplified by beautiful and sensitive illustrations – each one a meditation in itself.” Abbot Stuart

Price £10.00

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Reader Comments

An aid to understanding God
A delightful book with enchanting illustrations!
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