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By Rob Jones
Published by Beast in Show Books
ISBN 9780992906702
Category 2yrs - 5yrs, Picture book
Spring 2015 (1st March - 14th May


Bernard is the tale of a misunderstood wild hound. Feared by local villagers who believe he wishes to eat them... All Bernard really wants to get his jaws around is a jar of strawberry jam! With striking 4-colour illustrations and easy to follow rhyming prose, Bernard is perfect for pre-schoolers.

Author's Biography

Rob Jones is an author and illustrator, based in Oxfordshire. He graduated from the University of Gloucestershire in 2011 and now specialises in children's books. He loves to use humour, along with thoughtful undertones, to create exciting stories that are reminiscent of the books he grew up reading.


A rip-roaring belter of a book, brilliant for building up to its sweet and satisfying finale! - Read It Daddy (

Bernard has that rare quality of rhyming prose that flows beautifully, as well as a story that builds perfectly - Rhino Reads (

...perfect for the younger reader and a style that will appeal to their emerging sense of humour. - Picture Books Blogger (

The narrative is unexpected and teaches children that appearances can be deceiving. - Magpie That (

‘Bernard’ is an intense pleasure, vivid and vital and exuberant -- Did You Ever Stop to Think (

Price £4.99

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Reader Comments

This is a great book! Both of my children love it. It should definitely win!
great book!
Our 4 year old loves this - and importantly we love reading it too!
Loved it! i thought it was very cleverly done
Its combination of words into the drawings are unique, totally natural and brilliant for teaching young children to read. "The One And Only Rob Jones" is the best!
Quite simply the best original children's book this year!
Superb book for young children - great illustrations and simple but rhyming text makes it stand out from the crowd. Youngsters I have read it to absolutely adore it and want to read it themselves.
Amazing book! Will never get bored of reading this to my little one.
Fantastic book for young children.
A lovely book
fantastic book
Brilliant pictures and a really good storyline easy for a child to remember my 4 year old grandson loves to read it with me.
Most wonderful book! =]
An excellent book, my granddaughter says it is her favourite and I like reading it to her!
Bernard is a rare gem. My 3 year old daughter absolutely loves it and pretty much knows it off by heart. Wins our vote every time...
Love it
Brilliant book!
An amazing book, as previously mentioned the rhyming prose flows beautifully, yet it still tells a very thought out story. But above all else, it teaches children one very important principle of life - don't judge a Berna... I mean book by it's cover!
Fab book, loved by my 3 year old
Ordered 'Bernard' as a Christmas gift for a young relative, and it was an instant hit! Beautiful illustrations, can't wait for Rob's next book!
A lovely story; bright, colourful and fun.
I would recommend this book for all my friends who has kids
All the children I know that own this book absolutely love it, as they do with Bernard himself! It is a lovely book to read out loud, as the rhyming makes it flow easily. The illustrations are also brilliant!
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