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Preposterous Rhinoceros
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Preposterous Rhinoceros

By Tracy Gunaratnam
ISBN 9781848861657
Category Children's picture book, 3-7 yrs, 32 pages of illustrations
Spring 2015 (1st March - 14th May


Disaster! King Lion has lost his voice and cannot read the animals their bedtime story. Luckily Preposterous Rhinoceros wants to give it a go... but how do you go about reading a book?

Author's Biography

Tracy loved making up bedtime stories for her children, but it wasn't until they grew up that she pursued her dream of being a picture book author. Tracy is a member of SCBWI and when she is not writing or reading she makes novelty cakes. She lives in South London.


1. Storyworld, online writer's magazine, review by Dan Metcalf - 'This will capture the attention of little ones who are just beginning to really engage with storytime and wanting to take over storytelling duties themselves.'

2.Parents in Touch, online educational resource, reviewed by Sarah Brew - 'This humorous story is just perfect to share with a child who is learning to read.'

Price £6.99

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Reader Comments

looking forward to the sequel!
This is a fantastic book - quirky story and fun characters. Perfect for encouraging young children to read for themselves!
I look forward to plenty more stories.
Delightful book - my friends grandson loves it.
This is a delightful, funny book with bright illustrations and a charming story, loved it!
Fantastic book with beautiful illustrations
A delightful read for children, fantastic!
Fantastic book, really funny with great illustrations.
Humorous, lets children take comments literally, such as diving straight in. Good fun and a good story.
This is a great book my little one loves the bright pictures and funny story of it and my niece is captured on how they learn to read.. Love the book thanks Tracy
This book is wonderful all my nieces and nephews luv it more please
This book is a wonderful story and had our little one enthralled from start to end!
beautifully illustrated and funny story for young children ,well done.
Delightful, amusing. Lovely illustrations. Perfect for early readers!
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