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Top Dog!
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Top Dog!

By Jeroen Schipper, Peter Hilken, Kathleen van der Weerd
ISBN 9781849639507
Spring 2015 (1st March - 14th May


Top Dog! is a collection of bright new songs for children, which will invite and encourage them to delight in singing, wherever they are: at home or travelling, at camp or in the classroom. Children will love the way these songs appeal to their own close concerns.

Author's Biography

This team of two storytellers (Peter and Kathleen), and one teacher and music maker (Jeroen), came together over a shared passion for playing with words and inspiring creativity. Originating from all over the globe, this team combines talent and imagination to encourage and open young minds.


"These songs are great fun, with catchy tunes and exciting lyrics, which play on words and are full of humour." : King's Hedges Primary School
Price £14.99

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