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It's a Doddle to Be Friendly

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It's a Doddle to Be Friendly

By Daisa Morgan
ISBN 9780956706645
Category Children's: age group 6yrs-11yrs AND 22 number of illustrations
Spring 2015 (1st March - 14th May


Aziza's name means 'Friendly' - but having moved from her beloved India to England, she was missing her friends, until Dodl Bear suddenly interrupted her dream. He whisks her away to The Magical World of Fingley, where she climbs into a gigantic bubble and experiences the adventure of a lifetime.

Author's Biography

Daisa Morgan is a Children’s Author and creator of The Magical World of Fingley. Her books are fun, magical educational and inspirational. She lives in North Lincolnshire, England and enjoys nothing more than immersing herself in nature and the magic of creativity.


Price £7.99

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