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Fragile Boundaries
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Fragile Boundaries

By Johnny Leavesley
Published by Belgravia Press
ISBN 0992675715
Category Romantic Thriller
Spring 2015 (1st March - 14th May


Jayda Talhoun is the adored daughter of a wealthy Jordanian businessman. Driven to have a successful career in her own right, she is determined not to live a comfortable but servile life in Amman. After persuading her father to send her to London, she encounters an amoral society stricken with lust, greed jealousy and duplicity.

Author's Biography

Johnny Leavesley is an English lawyer, businessman, husband and father of five. His work has taken him to many parts of the world and Jordan in particular. He served for 6 years as Midlands Treasurer of the British Conservative Party and is currently High Sheriff of Staffordshire in nomination for 2015.


'The book tackles issues of love and ambition in a romantic novel set against the backdrop of two places – London and Amman.' Burton Mail - March 9th 2014
Price £7.99

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