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Darke Mission
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Darke Mission

By Scott Caladon
ISBN 9781784620509
Category Thriller/Crime/Mystery
Spring 2015 (1st March - 14th May


Darke Mission follows a grisly maze of treachery, murder and revenge. JJ Darke, lone parent, former spy, is blackmailed by an unscrupulous politician. Darke is forced to lead an audacious heist into the heart of North Korea. Family, friends and colleagues are dragged into a mire of deceit and danger.

Author's Biography

Scott Caladon is a former gravedigger, government official and intelligence expert. Scott has undertaken work in Europe, North America, the Middle and Far East. He was banned from Italy for doing his job. He is skilled in Jeet Kune Do and Krav Maga. He lives in London – or does he?


“A fast-paced action thriller that is smart, engaging and suspenseful. Scott Caladon’s new novel Darke Mission is so impressive.” Ryan Wick, Complex Magazine, New York

“Darke Mission is a 600 page thriller with 600 pages full of action and suspense. I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to reading the next one in the series.” Sylvie Beljanski, The Beljanski Blog 

“Darke Mission is the most absorbing thriller I’ve read in some time. The detail is immense and the quality of writing excellent, being both informative and entertaining.” Kyle Vine, Goodreads review

Price £10.99

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Reader Comments

great book like to see many more from this author
The new Bourne?
wow! 650 pages! phew!
intriging and beguiling.......
Compelling action thriller with highly credible characters.
A modern day thriller which oozes excitement and suspense. While the ex-MI5 turned financier hero has all sorts of secret agent type skills, his battle with cancer and fight to protect his son gives him a more human touch. The twist at the end sets the scene well for the next book.
An impressive first novel by Mr Caladon. The style is reminiscent of Forsyth and Clancy with great attention to detail and exciting plots. Bravo!
Amazing book!
This fabulous novel has movie written all over it!
Great book, loved it.
Brilliant story, complex characters and rich, vibrant imagery and settings. Would translate well onto the silver screen - I hope someone makes this into a film!
Bourne watch out ! JJ Drake is here & kicking ass !
An interesting story combining finance, politics, murder and thrilling international action.
best action book I've read since I Am Pilgrim
Absolutely loved it. It proved very popular and generated good discussion and speculation within our book club. Looking forward to the next one from this author.
Extraordinarily well thought out and well written. It delivers everything expected and more in an exciting conspiratorial thriller.
Top notch political and action thriller.
Excellent, clever and fascinating. The best book I've read in a long time!
I loved the flow of this book and the dual story line running throughout. The North Korean foray was my favourite - loved the characters and action.
Conspiracy and treachery abound in this exciting novel which provides an insight into corruption that exists across the globe. An interesting read for geopolitical observers and action fans alike. An entertaining story with very serious undertones.
Exciting thriller. I particularly liked the submarine action and the hilarious Scottish banter.
Riveting stuff. Highly informative and wonderfully well written.
ripping good yarn
Very exciting and action packed. Included a lot of interesting detail and facts.
An intelligent thriller which is very topical and packed with action and surprises.
"Darke Mission" has everything I want in a book. Vibrant characters, strong plots and unexpected twists. The ending left me in eager anticipation of the follow up, "Darke Moments".
Great thriller !
The author's writing style had me captivated by the characters throughout. The combination of an interesting and likable hero with a despicable antagonist and a myriad of story lines brought neatly together make this a superb novel.
Superb action thriller with wonderfully descriptive passages and witty dialogue.
Action, suspense, murder, revenge - all the elements for a cracking thriller. Darke Mission delivers this and more! Highly recommended.
I loved the multi-dimensional story lines and the references to recent current events. I was totally drawn into the plot and didn't want the book to end.
Exciting and well developed plot and a great read. I could not put it down and read through most of the night! I look forward to the next adventure from Scott Caladon.
Great twists along multiple story lines. A well constructed plot which keeps the reader engaged till the end. Very enjoyable Bond/Bourne like action.
Loved it. Could not stop reading.
Interesting and intriguing. I loved JJ Darke and team and am looking forward to the follow up book.
Well constructed plot. Extremely well written.
Magnifique! Absorbing plot and ingenious devices.
Scott Caladon can sure write. Great story, fantastic characters.
Great action thriller! Loved the shoot out in Scotland, especially because ex-FSB thugs got toasted.
Just finished this book on a long flight to Australia. I was so absorbed in it the flight seemed shorter! Really really enjoyed it.
Brilliant and thrilling
Pacey and colourful. Very well written and kept me enthralled throughout.
Best book I've read in ages!
Not the sort of book I would usually read, but it was given to me at the London Book Fair so I started it and was pleasantly surprised. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
A thrilling read, you can't put it down.
I absolutely loved this story. Especially the plan for transforming/smuggling the gold and the action on the Borei sub. Naturally things don't go as planned, and I liked the way the characters improvised, making an implausible story seem like it could actually happen!
Fantastic story! Would make a great film.
Very well written and exciting to read. I was totally surprised by the ending which has set the scene well for the next book in this series.
Darke Mission is action packed and the author clearly has a lot of expertise in his subject matter.
Great thriller with lots of action and very interesting and informative story lines.
Darke Mission is a must read thriller!
This really is a great read.
Cracking story!
Superb action, lots of detail and great twists and turns.Some bits were very funny too.
Loved it!!!
This sort of book is right up my street. Tight story lines that slot together well, makes you think, and keeps surprising till the very end. Can't wait till the next one!
Interesting story with overlapping plots. Thoroughly enjoyed the detailed plans and the inevitable compromises with lots of action and drama along the way.
fantastic read
The devil is in the detail.Darke Mission has detail that could only be known by an intelligence insider.Superb story which escalates in suspense and action as each chapter whizzes by.
A fantastic spy thriller, written by a true master in tremendous detail.
Fantastic book. Very topical, informative and entertaining. Covers a wide range of subjects from all sorts of corruption, an international gold heist, lots of action and even a protocol for fighting cancer. A must read!
Very cool.
Excellent!! A good story with twists and surprises.
Panoramic action and suspense. Strong, smart female characters are a key part of this multi-faceted and highly entertaining story.
Terrific thriller!
Fantastic first novel by Scott Caladon. He clearly has a lot of expertise in his subject matter which covers finance, politics and the intelligence services. Looking forward to the next one.
An immense piece of work. Darke Mission combines a mass of detail with nail biting action and riveting plot lines. One of the best action thrillers I've read.
Wow, what a great book! So much happened in the final chapters. I loved it.
I absolutely loved this thriller and now I want the movie!
Darke Mission is the best book I have ever read. It is filled with thrills and political intrigue - it is long but brims with excitement!
Outstanding. Can't wait for the sequel.
An engrossing and fast-paced thriller.
Gripping Thriller - well written and exciting
Fab read, I couldn't put it down. Can't wait for the next one.
Great read. I was completely entertained throughout and learned a lot. Eagerly expecting the sequel.
Darke Mission is a great novel. Couldn't put it down!
Excellent reading. It is amazing the amount of research into a variety of topics that must have gone into writing this book.Once you start it you will find it difficult to put it down till you finish it. I cannot wait to see other books by this author
Gripping story. Full of action, suspense and emotion. Bond, Bourne and now JJ Darke!
Brilliant !
excellent read I cant wait for the next book
A very good book that holds you enthralled till the very end. Cant wait for the sequel.
Best action thriller I've read in a long time!
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