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Curious Creatures
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Curious Creatures

By Kevin Price
Published by KAMA Publishing
ISBN 9780956719652
Category Children, 6-10 yrs, full colour illustration
Spring 2015 (1st March - 14th May


'Curious Creatures' is a tribute to the Roald Dahl classics,'Revolting Rhymes' and 'Dirty Beasts'. Funny, rude and gruesome in equal measure, 'Curious Creatures' is sure to appeal to children of all ages from 6 and upwards.

Author's Biography

Kevin Price started writing poetry after losing his daughter Maisie to a sudden illness in 2009. His first book, 'The Beauty Contest at the Zoo' is a commemoration to Maisie and she is the main character. Kevin currently has five books in print and live in Norwich with his family.


Price £7.99

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Reader Comments

Brilliant book! Good Luck x
Great book, kids loved it.
Original, quirky and colourful. A joy to read. A sure winner with kids and adults alike.
This is a wonderful non-fiction story book that the children in our Nursery really enjoy. Written in short rhyming verse our pre-school children become really engaged in the story. A welcome addition to our collection of Kevin Price's wonderful, fun and eductional stories.
This book was also a finalist and bronze medal winner in The Wishing Shelf Book Awards. Our readers loved it!
A fantastic book that deserves everyone's support!
Great book!
Brilliant book
We love this book and it definitley deserves recognition, infact I am a big fan of all Kevin Prices titles, :)
Just love the tone and quirkiness
A great author with a number of great books, my kids and I love reading all of them!
Great yarn with some lovely illustrations. Kids love it. Parents too.
A completely brilliant book!
Awesome book, well done Mr Price
A great book.
Great book fantastic author.
This is a brilliant book!
Can't wait to read this to the grandchildren when they're old enough!
An excellent children's book
Fantastic book. Both my children absolutely adore the naughtiness and fun it brings.
I love this books...but my girls love it more. Easily gets my vote. ( ;
Well written & very entertaining!
Great Book!
Another brilliant book from this author.
Lovely book by a super author.
Children from 5 upwards will be enchanted by these rhymes about curious creatures. Hopefully, afterwards, no one will ever be afraid of spiders again.
I love this book, a great addition to the ever growing collection from Mr.Price!
A great book with fun and imaginative characters! My nephew loves this book!
Simply a brilliant book, both my children just love it - this has to be the winner - in fact it already is in the eyes if my daughter's who have read this book many times & still I hear them giggling away to themselves!
An excellent book for any age.
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