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Pets Aplenty
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Pets Aplenty

By Malcolm D. Welshman
ISBN 9781849639965
Category Humour
Spring 2015 (1st March - 14th May


Join Paul Mitchell, in six months of hilarious escapades he experiences working at Prospect House Veterinary Hospital. He's confronted by a ravenous pig while sunbathing, locks jaws with a caiman and battles with Doug, a vicious miniature donkey. It's a gripping, fast page-turner: guaranteed to keep animal lovers entranced.

Author's Biography

Malcolm Welshman is a retired vet who was a consultant dealing with exotics. He has written for The Sunday Times, The Daily Mail and magazines, such as The Lady. He was the My Weekly vet for fifteen years. He is also a BBC Radio panellist.


 "Pets Aplenty should carry a health warning such as 'You could die laughing'": Green (Living) Review
"Welshman’s plot creates realistic scenarios and very believable emotions." : Read Reviewed
"Pets Aplenty is very entertaining and has been written with warmth and humour." : My Reading Corner
"If you like animals I recommend reading this book." A Lover of Books

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Reader Comments

good read
A wonderful and very witty read. Recommended. Marie Carter
Light and refreshing read.
Very amusing and imaginative read! A quick fix mood lifter too! Good luck to Malcolm and his pets.
A great read!
A good lighthearted read for anyone who loves animals! (or is thinking about becoming a vet!)
A fantastic read for animal lovers!
A great read whilst lounging in the sun, thoroughly enjoyed.
fantastic book
If you love animals you will love this book
A heartwarming book-straight from the soul A must read Oinks, woofs and laughs guaranteed
A thoroughly lovely and entertaining read. Highly recommend!
Best Yet!
Can't think of a better way to spend some lazy summer days than to pick up this witty, hilarious and human animal loving book. Why can't my vet be like this colourful Paul?
Brilliant reading 😁
A brilliant Book
Enjoy a good read from the horses' (pony's)) mouth. Laughs in every chapter plus a good story line with fascinating, believable, characters. Thank you for taking me to another world of pets, owners and their amusing problems.
Brilliant book, thoroughly recommend it. You won't want to put it down.
Pets Aplenty, although a novel, comes from the pen of a retired vet, and it’s fun to speculate just how much of this delightful book is based on Malcolm Welshman’s actual experiences! Whatever the truth, his skill with words and ability to tell a jolly good story will , I suspect, keep those pages turning.
Loved the James Herriot vet series. In Pets Aplenty I've now found a worthy successor. Absolute happiness medicine.
A wonderful warm & funny book, well worth reading!
Very funny
Malcolm's books always leave me in stitches 😂
I really enjoyed this book, I felt i was there with the writer taking part in all he was doing. It was a fun book to read.
One of the best books I have read, I don't often laugh out loud when reading but never stopped laughing with this book. The way the incidents are described it is like being there and joining in.
What a delightful read. Makes one feel good all over.
loved it!!!
Malcolm Welshman enchants with his wonderful writing, delightful characters and great sense of humour. The pun-loving and warm-hearted vet, Paul Mitchell, faces a colourful motley of characters, human and non, at Prospect House, the animal hospital. Paul is so lively and engaging that he draws you right into the surgery - I almost wished to pass him swabs and a scalpel.
This is a really funny and entertaining book.
This book is the third in a series and I cannot wait until the next one is published. It is about a vet and animals, but you don't have to be an avid animal lover to appreciate the hilarious events that the hapless vet experiences. Thoroughly recommend this fabulous book.
Great very funny
A great humorous read, especially if you like animals.
Wonderful read. Funny and sad in parts. A good insight into a vets life.
Reading a good book about pets and animals can be hard to find. The author of this series has manage to pack yet more humor and great stories into another of the pets in a pickle series. If you are a lover of animals as I am you will love this book.
A very entertaining read :)
Great book! It deserves to win.
An entertaining book
A wonderful funny insight into the life of a vet, with touching moments of emotion.
A thoroughly entertaining and amusing book !
A hilarious insight to a vet's life, the joys and tribulations as well as the tough and sometimes sad decisions to be made. A great read and from one vet to another, congratulations!
A great book for all animal lovers. An easy read with plenty of good humor
Hillarious! Just had to keep reading. Highly recommend Reading all 3 of his books
You wont be able to put this book down once you start it. A thoroughly good read and very funny. I'm looking forward to the next book.
If you like pets, if you like vets, it's a bet you'll like this book!
A very entertaining and enjoyable read
If you like stories about animal exploits told in a light and easy manner, then Pets Aplenty is a good read to curl up with on a rainy afternoon
A great read. The author's love and understanding of animals (and their humans!) shines throughout this book.
As a lover of animals my entire life, I find Malcolm's books side-splittingly hilarious. Incidents retold in such a wonderful literary way. Can't wait for the next book.
A wonderful read, especially if you like animals.
Nice sense of humour .Entertaining read.
Superb fun!
Fabulous read, suitable for all ages and one you can read over and over again.
A highly entertaining and exhilarating fun novel, difficult to put down
The best book of the " Pets " series.
Great read for the pet lover - congratulations for the author.
An excellent novel. Engaging and entertaining from start to finish. Well done Mr Welshman, I look forward to your next!
great fun, deserves to win
A great read, full of laughs, written by a man who obviousy knows his animals!
A great book, about Paul Mitchell, the vet. Full of humour about the daily life of a vet and his animal patients, it is very entertaining. I enjoyed finding out about lots of different exotic animals and what it's really like to be a vet.
A great fun read that guves you an insight into the life of a vet! Great fun.
What a page turner. I couldn't put it down. Highly recommended.
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