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Piccolo: An Intern's Tale
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Piccolo: An Intern's Tale

Subtitle from Venice to Williamsburg
By Piccolo Forunato
Published by Braiswick
ISBN 978-1-909296-29-9
Category it-narrative
Spring 2015 (1st March - 14th May


Piccolo Fortunato, This sharply detailed and humorous satire takes the young artist from his home in Venice, Italy to New York City where he must face the harsh realities of the 21st century. With wit and sharp detail this memoir tells an unforgettable tale of Piccolo's adventure in today's dog eat dog art world!

Author's Biography

An art intern (who just happens to be an Italian greyhound) is slaving away for no fame and no fortune in the Brooklyn studio of an internationally famous sculptor - until a baptism by fire (of a particularly hot chili pepper) ignites his own career.



5.0 out of 5 stars What a great read that just flows with that distinctive NYC pace.

Randee Silv, Editor of Arteidolia
Price £7.50

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Reader Comments

This is a work of great ability! I just loved it!
Great read.
A kind of story that takes you completely off guard-- believing in this dog-hero and all his antics. Also, really captures the sights and sounds and of course smells of New York City.
very interesting book. full of trills and i highly recommend it to every one.
Great read...creative and imaginative, and I would love to bring Piccolo on a gallery visit with me!
an exciting tale of the travels of piccolo
Loved it!
That was awesome !!!
At a time when interns and workers are treated like dogs, Piccolo, an Italian greyhound artist, makes a lot of sense!
This is truly an excellent story =)
Very Interesting book
Amazing book! Eloquent language, interesting story line. Definitely one I will keep on the shelves and return to for years to come!
I sincere enjoyed this awesome piece of sparkling imagination. Can't wait for the next stories.. :) 5.0 out of 5 stars!
I love this book.Very nice story!
Proud. proud. proud to be able to vote for this book!
A very creative book about an Italian Greyhouond that is a masterful mixture of canine and human charasteristics. Extremely well written - I highly recommend it.
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