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Dead Charming
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Dead Charming

By I D Jackson
Published by Percy Publishing
ISBN 9780992929831
Category Crime Thriller
Spring 2015 (1st March - 14th May


Charming, handsome and magnetic when he needs to be, Joe Reed is the ultimate predator.

Set to help stop him, novice criminal profiler Jenny Foster is plunged out of her depth in a race against time.

As the pressure grows, her personal life spirals out of control and she makes catastrophic errors, putting herself and her team in mortal danger.

The body count begins to mount in the wake of ruthless evil.

Who can stop him?

Author's Biography

Ian Jackson is a long term businessman that has put pen to paper.


Price £6.99

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Reader Comments

This book make me want to read again and again, the amazing book and i love the author
Great work ID, well worth your place in the final
Ian Jackson is an amazing author.
Absolutely thrilling read!
Me and the other half loved it
All I can say - Loved it
The Nuts of a book
Excellent read from beginning to end. Ian will have you turning pages with this thrilling crime novel.
Enthralling read, could not wait to turn each page...
Good book
SupaFi64 would like to give our vote for this Fantastic book!
Gripping premise. Amazing Extract. Tony and Emma are very intriguing characters!
Bon chance!
Loved this book, I had chills running down my spine when I read it. It has very believable characters and story line told to ensure a totally brilliant reading experience.
Must read! I D Jackson has written an spine tingling thriller!
It's a fun read.
Incredible thriller!
Good book, well written, and a great author!
We could do with a lot more books of this calibre!
Great book highly recommended to all.
Great author!
Well written, great story and great pace. You want it.
Wonderful page! Welcome to visit my blog Green Planet here
Riveting read could not put this book down, hope to see more from this exciting new author
I love a rising body count.
Great read!!
Great book
Good luck,
Read this book in two days, not the norm for me.
Good book, good story, good read.
This is a brilliant read.
Very clever, well done.
This author has done a great job. I wish you all the best.
Intriguing all the way. great stuff.
Fast paced, well written, good plot. exactly what you want.
Well written. great.
Hope this books wins! it deserves to!
Great read from a first time author.
Great read, looking forward to the next one!
Briliant twist and turns, real page turner.
All the best. good luck, brilliant book.
Loved it, well done.
Fast paced, could not put it down.
Great Thriller
Awesome book, hard to put down once you start
Great book by imaginative author
Well worth the read...
Great book.
Superb book, by a great author.
Very good read.
GREAT! always looking for new and exciting reads!
Great Cover, Excellent original title and I love the synopsis!!! Much success!!! (Isadore Johnson, Author of Best-Selling novel series "DRUG DEALER" 1,2,3,4.
Heard great reviews about this author
Excellent Book.
Awesome book, I had to vote for it.
Nice suspense thriller
Wonderfully written
Just fabulous!
Amazing Book
Love It!
Very good product. I was impressed and pleassed from the begining until the end.
Very good product. I was impressed and pleassed from the begining until the end.
Great work
Interesting concept. Well told.
Let's have more like this.
Intriguing "charming," and "dead" on in the suspense department!
Outstanding work!
Great book..couldn't put it down, can't wait for next one!
I am in love with this book , finally a page turner . Thank you
Great read
Excellent read... highly recommended.
Great stuff
Fantastic read, great plot
A fantastic read!!
keep up the fantastic work!
Great Read!! Loved it.
A gripping read!
Gripping novel with so many twists and turns!
Best wishes! @milesmaker
Awesome book!
Great writing that discusses relevant issues of modern life.
I love this book and Ian is one of the best authors I know
The plot sounds interesting. I mean who doesn't love a good crime thriller?
It's a fantastic book.
Excellent book, good read. I give my vote, deserve it.
Great book!
Well written, gripping ad intelligent
Those that say "don't judge a book by its cover" is sometimes wrong. This cover welcomes me in and the synoptis told me to purchase it and read more.
Dead Charming. an excellent book, recommended.
Just from the synopsis, I think the book sounds very exciting. I'll certainly plan to look into it. Being an author myself, I'd say that all the elements for a good suspenseful story are in place.
Very well written Author has a way with words and keeps her readers interest
This gentleman deserves to win.
ein schönes Buch und ne tolle Geschichte, a beautiful book and ne great story
This book has my vote, the storyline has me gripped from start to finish
Excellent book. Fabtastic author A good read
Looks like a tremendous piece of work!
Such an amazing book!
This is a guy who knows how to write interesting characters, knows how to pull u into a story and keep you turning pages, and this book is proof of this. The plot is gripping,thrilling and thoroughly entertaining
A great read!
I.D.Jackson is an amazing writer.
Really thrilling story, it had me on the edge of my seat - liked it so much that after reading the first two chapters I just had to buy the book!
Sounds a Fabulous read.
Good read., compelling from start to finish. Would recommend this book to friends and family
A thrilling read that kept me guessing.
Great read!
Love a great story written with passion and intelligence. Good luck!
Keep up the good work!
A real pageturner. Enthralled
A worthy winner.... left wanting more... cant wait for the next installment!
Read this in one day! i just couldn't put it down! a fantastic read and kept you wanting more....
I couldn't put this book down. I passed it to my dad and he's the same.
Gripping, thrilling, didn't want it to end... hope to see more from this amazing writer!
One of THE best crime novels available! - a definite winner!
Great cover! Great reviews!
Great read. Thank you
What a page turner, couldn't put this book down, am really hoping there will be more from this author
Glowing reviews everywhere for this one!
Seriously cool book...
Jackson sets up the tension and conflict for Dead Charming wonderfully.
Great Book, Great Plot, Easy to read I could not put it down
A compelling read that has to be one of the best crime novels available! Without a doubt this is a worthy winner!
Great Fast Paced Read
This book sounds interesting.
Fast paced and an easy read. Plots twist with great characters...
Loved this book. Brilliant ending!
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