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Ventriloquism for Monkeys
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Ventriloquism for Monkeys

Subtitle :::::: Winner for August 2009 ::::::
By Niall O’Sullivan
ISBN 978-1-905233-08-3
Category Poetry
August 2009


In Ventriloquism for Monkeys, Niall O’Sullivan turns his attention to science, memory, evolution and ideology. The book received acclaim from the Forward Prize judges when 'The Father In Law' – a poem from it – was included in 2008’s Forward Prize anthology.

Author's Biography

Born of Irish parents, Niall O'Sullivan studied Art in Bath and is a former council gardener. He has performed poetry since 1997 alongside the likes of Hugo Williams, John Hegley, Zena Edwards and Pete Doherty. He has also been featured internationally in Berlin and at the Roskilde Festival in Denmark.


“Niall is no genre hybrid, he is simply a good writer - warm, smart, thoughtful. His poetry inhabits a place where pertinence and impertinence meet.” – Roddy Lumsden

Price £5.99 Paperback

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Reader Comments

Accessible, funny poems, sometimes written in a gruff, working class vernacular, that covers some big ideas and a lot of ground. Verse for the 21st Century.
Deeply considered, yet raw and challenging with a wonderful touching side and filled with wit and humour. A great collection
A good read, also funny, but not for the boxed thinker.
absolutely loved it!
This poets awesome, he's funny clever and at the same time manages to befriend everyone. This book is outstanding. It's the only book I would possibly vote for in this selection of awesome contenders. Nial O'Sullivan since writing this book has continued to go from strength to strength, and I am still awaiting his next new book. This one's a winner.
I very much enjoyed this - keep up the good work.
Poetry moves on and Niall moves with it. This book will put a smile on your face.
Maybe it's just me, but if this is poetry then Shakespeare must have been a monkey. By the way, what on earth is a book like this doing in the fiction category!
A delightful meaty read, it went well with a glass of milk. A great poet, writer and thinker.
One of the best new writing talents around!
A fantastic read from one of Britain's leading contemporary poets. I would recommend this book to anyone.
Really enjoyed this.
Superb second coming from one of the poetry scenes leading man of the spoken word!!
This book is ape, man.
I ended up buying 4!! To make sure the words got spread and other people read it too.
Niall is a legend - can't wait to get my own copy! Tomas
Pertinence and impertinence is right. Niall O'Sullivan reaches the parts of everyday life other poets are too scared to reach.
Will probably be a collector's item in a few years. buy it. get it signed. place it in a dust proof envelope.
This is one of the best poetry books I've read in the last few years. The poems, whilst being accessible, contain new revelations for any reader who deems to continually dig deeper. It’s a poetry book I return to time and time again.
Very original poems
Love this book! My fiance had a copy autographed and sent it to me for my birthday. Good read. Lots of monkeys. :)
Wonderful book of poetry. One of the few I've read multiple times in the last couple of years.
An excellent book by a superb performer. Get It! Read it!
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