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By Beverley Jones
ISBN 9781910130018
Category thriller/crime/mystery
Winter 2014


When Ellis wakes to a knock on the door in the middle of the night he’s devastated to learn that his wife Rae has been killed in a car accident. 
Dreamcatcher explores the power of grief and guilt, and the ability of love to shape lives and break them apart. 

Author's Biography

Beverley is a former journalist and police press officer and has worked on all aspects of crime reporting. She uses her experience from this in her writing. Now she enjoys being a novelist and blogger.


'I loved this book. Beverley Jones has such a gripping prose style and creates a story which keeps up a magnificent narrative drive of suspense and emotion. Highly recommended.' Daniel Gothard, Amazon(5 stars) 
'It is a highly emotive psychological thriller exploring pain of loss, guilt, regret and how some choices can shape our uncertain future.' Benjamin1, Amazon (5 stars) 
'The novel moves you through every human emotion. Love and passion in a marriage, loss of a spouse and sibling and the purpose of a life without those you love.' Jean Michel, Amazon (5 stars) 

'Dreamcatcher grabs your attention right from the start. Well developed characters and an intriguing story make it incredibly difficult to put this one down!' Mr. Marc L Saunders, Amazon (5 stars)
'Great read with an urgent need to ascertain what the truth really is - difficult to put down - loved it!!!' Amazon: M. Laeubli, Amazon (5 stars)
Price £9.99 

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Reader Comments

My favourite of her books so far .looking forward to her next
I really enjoyed this book; I didn't want to put it down when I had to, and I was always keen to pick it up again as soon as I could. The story unfolds gradually by taking the reader back from the present to things that happened in previous years; that was very well done. I like the way the author described so graphically the heartbreak and grief suffered by the two main characters. The way she describes the nightmares is so realistic; I have suffered from night paralysis, only a few times thank goodness, and it is truly terrifying, which I think she got over to the reader very well. A friend lent me this book and it is the first of Beverley Jones' I have read; I will definitely be looking for her previous novels and any future ones.
I enjoyed this book, well written and absorbing. The characters were well defined and I felt Ellis grief.
I loved this psychological thriller which kept me turning the pages and guessing the outcome right until the end. I'm looking forward to the next Beverley Jones novel, please keep them coming......
Great read - difficult to put down - looking forward to the next one
Fantastic thriller book.
Another great novel by Beverley Jones. Gripping to the end.
A very different down to earth thriller. The subject of lucid dreams is intriguing and interesting, which gives it added suspense.
A gripping thriller which grabs from the start. Love the way Beverley Jones built up the plot. Takes a very unexpected turn.
This is an intriguing book; suspenseful, full of love and loss, heavy with the unresolved and seemingly unresolvable. It tells as much about the gaps in our relationships as of the lives we live together; shared, but never entirely.
I have never been to Cape Cod or New England but Beverley Jones and her third novel Dreamcatcher a psychological thriller manages to transport me there perfectly. Her language uses such imagery "seals fat and oiled and black rolling off jetties, white washed salt-box houses, sand dunes and marram grass" you are there now. Then there are the characters Ellis and Rae trying to identify their reality with their dreams and the devastation of loss. The novel moves you through every human emotion. Love and passion in a marriage, loss of a spouse and sibling and the purpose of a life without those you love. Every one has experienced loss of some kind and the guilt and anguish that arises from it. The pain and heartache and need for closure in order to find peace draws you in in the novel and its conclusion leaves the reader with a moving question Can we ever hope to connect with those who have died , do they visit us in our dreams, are they trying to help and guide us from the other side and will we ever know true reality
This is an excellent read!
A fantastic thriller with all the key ingredients for suspense fiction. Reminded me of the best of Patricia Highsmith.
A brilliant thriller. Excellent characterization, setting, dialogue, suspense, and plotting. Beverley Jones is a very good writer.
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