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The Leipzig Affair
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The Leipzig Affair

By Fiona Rintoul
Published by Aurora Metro Press
ISBN 9781906582975
Category Thriller
Winter 2014


East Germany 1985. Magda, a brilliant but disillusioned linguist, is desperate to flee to the West. When a black market deal brings her into contact with Robert, studying at Leipzig University, she sees a way out. As Robert becomes infatuated with Magda, a complex world unfolds that will undo them both.

Author's Biography

Fiona Rintoul is a writer, journalist and translator. While studying German at St Andrews University in the 1980s, she was an exchange student at the Karl-Marx-University, Leipzig. Her experience of living and studying behind the Iron Curtain was the start of a lifelong interest in the former East Germany. 


“…a gripping, complex debut that thrills through the human stories it tells of the Cold War…a world in which nobody can be trusted. A hugely evocative read." Zoë Strachan, author of Negative Space 

"A psychologically complex story that brilliantly reflects disturbing times in a divided city and society. Its sharp, clever, sentences kept me hooked right to the end." Linda Leatherbarrow, author of Essential Kit 

“… a hugely talented writer…A stark warning and a powerful story.” Rodge Glass, author of Bring Me the Head of Ryan Giggs 
Price £8.99

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Reader Comments

Simply a superb book! First thought on finishing it was to start reading it again , an utterly engrossing story
Gripping read, loved it
Beautifully written and accomplished debut.
A great read
Extraordinary, not least for a first novel
A sharply drawn portrait of disturbing times and their effect on people. This is a gripping read which kept me enthralled tright up to the last sentence.
Beautifully controlled writing, telling a complex tale which is both chilling and heartfelt.
Shocking and sad in parts but also delicately humorous, a gripping, atmospheric page-turner.
A stunning debut from one of Scotland's most promising writers.
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