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Blood in the Air
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Blood in the Air

By Katherine Wood
ISBN 978 1 909548 30 5
Category Fantasy
Winter 2014


In a world of magic, demons, princes and lies, Corporal Kari True investigates the disappearances of the people who don’t matter. Forced to work with an aloof, elvish lord, she struggles as her investigation takes a turn into danger, death and dragons, while secrets from her past threaten to unravel…

Author's Biography

Katherine has loved reading and writing stories from an early age. Fantasy and crime are her two favourite genres and writing a crime novel set in a fantasy world was one of the most fun things she has ever done. 


"A True Fantasy Thriller" - Matlock Mercury 

"If you like fantasy, you will love this book" - Amazon reader review 
Price £8.99

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Reader Comments

As the author of the book I am completely biased so I will leave this quote from a review on Amazon. The novel is short and fast paced, with plenty of twists and turns in the plot which hold the reader's attention throughout. However, it is the character development where this novel truly excels. - Amazon Reviewer
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