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The Don
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The Don

Subtitle story of an actor
By David Bloomberg
Published by Arena Books
ISBN 9781909421363
Category Based on 1950s London theatre life.
Winter 2014


A fascinating life story of a bisexual actor who reached the heights of fame on the stage, but also experienced depths of alcohol and drug dependence, who during his turbulent life had vivid encounters with interesting characters in the theatre world, several of whom were real and famous in their time.

Author's Biography

David Bloomberg first made his name in South Africa as a director of plays. Subsequently his career embraced the legal profession,the business world and civil politics where as the mayor of Cape Town in the 70s he was a fierce opponent of the Apartheid system. 


Price £14.99

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Reader Comments

Most interesting and absorbing read
Thoroughly good absorbing read
a great read.
Enjoyed immensely
I read and thoroughly enjoyed this book.
Amazing read
Wonderful read!
Spellbinding accoun of life in London during the 59,s
I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book, sad but interesting.
Great Book !!!! Holds your interest all the time - characters wonderful.
interesting characters and story line.
Loved it and learned a lot about the theatre.
A thoroughly absorbing and interesting book
Great book to get stuck into!
A great read. One of those books you just can't put down. Look forward to the next one
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