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A Little Dust on the Eyes
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A Little Dust on the Eyes

By Minoli Salgado
Published by Peepal Tree Press
ISBN 9781845232405
Category Disaster novel, human interest
Winter 2014


In a calm Sri Lankan coastal community, two cousins separated by civil war are reunited. Renu struggles to bring political killers to justice; Savi struggles to heal wounds from a broken childhood. This novel of intersecting lives confronts the tragedies of a brutal civil war and the Boxing Day tsunami.

Author's Biography

Minoli Salgado is a writer of Sri Lankan descent who was born in Kuala Lumpur. She is the author of the acclaimed cultural study, Writing Sri Lanka. A Little Dust on the Eyes, her debut novel, won the inaugural SI Leeds Literary Prize.


‘An impressive exploration of traumatic loss, done with delicacy.’ Romesh Gunesekera 

‘Powerful, tender and moving’ Abdulrazak Gurnah, Booker Prize nominee 

‘It is a great book - a wonderful elegy to a childhood and country lost.' Susheila Nasta, MBE, Editor, Wasafiri
Price £9.99

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Reader Comments

This novel is beautifully, subtly written and compelling to read. Its female protagonists are well-developed and interesting, and the writing gives voice to the complexities of living through civil war and the complicities ordinary people are drawn into. Minoli Salgado has rendered these difficult issues with great skill. Highly recommended.
Minoli Salgado has expressed painful truths with great understanding. It is also beautifully written. I thoroughly enjoyed it and have given it to many friends this Christmas.
Fantastic book
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