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HOAX Psychosis Blues
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HOAX Psychosis Blues

By Ravi Thornton
Published by Ziggy's Wish
ISBN 978-0-9929063-0-6
Category Graphic Memoir
Winter 2014


Having been diagnosed with schizophrenia, Rob’s world becomes a series of struggles, and extraordinary moments of insight, as he moves between the facts, fictions and altered realities of his illness. Told from brother and sister’s viewpoint, over nine years, this is a true story of recovery, relapse and ultimate release.

Author's Biography

Ravi Thornton is a cross-media script writer from Manchester. She is involved in extensive exploration of storytelling across multiple platforms, with a particular interest in narrative environments and audience psychologies. Her work deals with adult subject matter and ranges from dark and disturbing, through wickedly outlandish to heartbreakingly insightful.


"HOAX Psychosis Blues is the ultimate expression of the graphic memoir’s unique power to share and communicate personal experience. A hauntingly beautiful masterpiece.” Andy Oliver, BROKEN FRONTIER 

"Although it’s easy to feel heartbroken by the end of a work whose subject matter is mental illness, the reader instead feels strangely comforted.” Glen Downey, SEQUART 

“HOAX Psychosis Blues is certainly one of the best graphic novels I’ve read this year, and is a story deserving of your attention." Matthew Charlton, THE DIGITAL FIX GEEK:LIFE 

"There are some things which verse is simply superior for articulating, and cries from the heart and soul are among those.” Joe Gordon, FORBIDDEN PLANET 

"Ravi succeeds admirably. I was moved to tears in several places, by certain incidents or nuances that created a deep, emotional resonance within me.” Jonathan Rigby, PAGE 45 
Price £15.99

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Reader Comments

HOAX Psychosis Blues is an inspired book stemming from harrowing, real-life events. Ravi honours her brother's legacy so eloquently with her writing and by working with a variety of imaginative sequential artists to explore the themes of her brother's poetry and raise awareness of his tragic condition.
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