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The Preservation of
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The Preservation of "The Olive Branch"

By Brendan Gisby
Published by McStorytellers
ISBN 1482509911
Category Thriller
Winter 2014


He had written “The Olive Branch” three decades before. Like many a first novel, it had been left to gather dust. Now, with time on his hands, he’ll preserve the manuscript on his computer. But only for the sake of posterity. Not because it’s any good. Or so he thinks.

Author's Biography

Brendan Gisby was born in Edinburgh halfway through the 20th century and grew up just along the road in South Queensferry. Retiring from a business career in 2007, he has devoted himself to writing. To date, he has published three novels, three biographies and several short story collections.


“The honesty and humility with which Gisby writes is quite unique and deeply moving.” – Cally Phillips, Indie eBook Review 

“This is truly a work of literary fiction. It is a book you will come back to time and again, to savour the language, to look at the story with fresh perception.” – Nya Rawlyns, Beach Bum Books 

“What makes this book so fascinating and so important is that this is the way we experience life: the warp of life and the woof of memory, interwoven into our daily lives.” – George Polley, Tostada Speaks
Price £7.99

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Reader Comments

Highly recommended :)
Rewards will come from sticking with this absorbing resurrection of a novel. Might well be better suited to an Easter read-through, which is when I'll most likely have another chance to read it. Gets my vote in a heartbeat. Angus Shoor Caan.
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