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The Rosary of Tears
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The Rosary of Tears

By J Marian
ISBN 9781857566932
Category Historical
August 2009


Marysia and Maniek fall in love and marry. In building a life together, they are challenged with extreme poverty and hardship. Raising their children into a slowly brightening future, their lives are brutally shattered when Maniek is sent to war and is killed on the first day by the invading Russians. This is truly a remarkable novel, as Marysia is the author's mother and this is her story of her torment and tears.

Author's Biography

Joseph Marian was born in 1929 and although his childhood was surrounded by austerity and hardship, he acknowledges that his bright future was attributable to his mother and her sacrifices. He is now retired and spends much of his time writing. The Rosary of Tears is his first novel.


Price £9.95 Paperback

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Reader Comments

Absolutely wonderful story.
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