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The Seventh Day
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The Seventh Day

By Andy Malone
ISBN 978-0-9930202-0-9
Category Science fiction
Winter 2014


Commencing in eighteenth century Scotland. The Seventh Day is an atmospheric science fiction thriller in the vein of Highlander and The Da Vinci Code. Moving through a series of international locations, the action concludes in Iceland in which our hero must survive a cataclysmic battle between good and evil.

Author's Biography

Based in Scotland, Andy Malone is an award winning, technology trainer, author and veteran conference speaker with a passion for travelling and storytelling. Andy has just published his first novel, a SC-Fi Thriller “The Seventh Day.” Follow Andy on Twitter @AndyMalone or visit his website at


Whether you love science-science fiction or thrillers. The devious twists will keep you turning pages until you realise that it's way past your bedtime. - Thirza Karssen, Amazon, the Netherlands 

Packed with unexpected twists. This is a must read if you like, suspense or just great science fiction. - Mike Quinn, Amazon USA 

Price £12.99

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Reader Comments

Great book!
Brilliant book.
When you start to read this book you are caught at once with the different characters of the acting persons. The author has a writing style that keeps you in the story all the time and the Scottish language is presented so nicely. You just want to know what happens next! And the end of the book? Totally unexpected and makes you wanting more. I'm looking forward for the next book.
Really good book, the story line is just taking you inside the book,
A great read!
I love this book!
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