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Don't Drink and Fly

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Don't Drink and Fly

Subtitle The Story of Bernice O'Hanlon Part One
By Cathie Devitt
ISBN 978-1-78279-016-7
Category visionary fiction
Winter 2014


Bernice is a witch living in Glasgow. She loses her way in her life and wanders off the beaten track looking for the garden of enlightenment.

Author's Biography

Cathie Devitt is a writer of books, plays, poetry and articles, trained in Laughter Yoga . She lives in Scotland. 


The characters are so sharply defined they feel like your own friends and relatives and Cathie Devitt hasn’t sugar coated the Gaelic culture either. Des Dillon, Writer and Producer 

Sad and funny in equal measure Cathie Devitt’s debut "novella" is the first of what I hope will be many adventures for Bernice. Looking forward to the sequels.. Laura Marney, author
Price £8.99

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Reader Comments

Lovely book written by a lovely lady, deserving winner
a brilliant read, would recommend to all
A refreshing contemporary novella set in real surroundings inhabited by real people. Waiting in great anticipation to find out what happens next.
An engaging and unconventional story, closer to real Pagans than most fiction gets, with a large side order of family drama. A truly unpredictable read, if you want to be surprised by a book, give this one a go.
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