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Huber's Tattoo
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Huber's Tattoo

By Quentin Smith
ISBN 9781783063529
Category Crime
Winter 2014


Several murders are traced back to the secretive and shocking Nazi eugenics program centred around Himmler’s Lebensborn birthing homes. As this bizarre pattern becomes more noticeable, DCI Webber discovers that his own links to the Lebensborn program, and the murders themselves, are much closer than he could have ever imagined. 

Author's Biography

In addition to being a medical doctor and practising anaesthetist, QUENTIN SMITH is a graduate of London School of Journalism and the former editor of Today‘s Anaesthetist. His interest in Second World War history is evident in this latest book.


“Huber’s Tattoo is a vastly better thriller than most of those we see. Smith creates excellent atmosphere and tension as the story unfolds.” 
Hilary Johnson (MA PhD)
Price £9.99

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Reader Comments

Go Quentin
Simply fantastic !
Simply Fantastic!!
Really great read.
very good read
absolutely fabulous. loved it. great story from beginning to end.
I really enjoyed the storyline, innovative and ended well!
Well researched.
Thought provoking book, details although fictional, in someway give you the impression that the Nazi's could have been capable of genetic engineering.
well done on your first novel
Great Read !!!
A fantastic read from beginning to end.
Excellent read. Couldn't put it down. Should make make a gripping movie.
really great read
Great read. Gripping story from a very talented author!
Well researched and compelling thriller
Interesting plot
Excellent book
Quentin, you rock!!!
Great read
A neighbour of mine who is not only an extremely talented author but a lovely man.
Should go right to the top!
This is an excellent, well structured, story. The fiction is wrapped around the historical facts in way that keeps the reader engaged from start to finish.
Great book
Riveting plot! Fab read
I have already read the Secret Anatomy of Candles, which was a great read. A thoroughly enjoyable novel whch I can highly recommend.
Fantastic, please write more!!
Truly unique book which is well researched, written and presented.
A good gripping read.
very enjoyable read
Brilliant Story could not put it down.
brilliant storyline, found it difficult to put down. very good ending.
A very enjoyable read.
An excellent read. Full of history and suspense, cleverly brought together in the parallel themes that run throughout the book.
Very different to the author's previous novel. An intriguing thriller. I enjoyed this.
Excellent book.
I could not put this book down ,a very good read.
Excellent read thoroughly recommend it.
Goooooooooooo Quentin
Brilliantly crafted!
An absolute page-turner! What an enthralling read.
Great book, very interesting! Well done to the author!
I loved this book, excellent, i would reccomend this book to my friends and colleagues
The author provides an authentic view of a well known topic, bringing out the detail based on good research and adding tension and intrigue that keeps you glued to the book. A great read in a cluttered thriller sector.
This book is a thrilling read, can't wait for the next one.
Fabulous read couldn't put it down
A great read from an up and coming novelist.
Very Well researched
A truly gripping thriller with its roots in the Nazi 'Lebensborn' programme, an experiment with unforeseen effects upon those involved in it, not least the innocent children resulting from it in their adult lives.
A tense and unusual thriller that focuses on an under-explored area of the history of the Third Reich. Gripping to the very end, everyone should read it!
A fantastic read. Well done!
Great book!
An excellent & quite unusual detective story--modern day & 2nd world war intertwined.
Best read for some time
A gripping read. Well done to the author.
Very interesting approach Love it
A real page turner
Excellent read
After reading his first book, The Secret Anatomy of Candles, i was really pleasewd and had to read the next book he brought out. really good ready and advise all to read it.
Fascinating read.
excellent book. thoroughly enjoyed it
very thrilling depiction by the author. well done.
This was a terrific read
This is the best book of 2014. Historically fascinating, riveting plot.
After reading Quentin's first book, The Secret Anatomy of Candles, I was really looking forward to his next one. Huber's Tattoo did not disappoint and will be keeping a close eye on this author for many more of his fantastic books.
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